The food delivery service is one of the most profitable and popular businesses of 2021. This app market has over 111 million users in the US alone, from 81 million in 2017. These numbers prove that the market is still growing at an incredible rate and extremely fertile for new markets to sow their seeds in.

As the industry is slowly evolving, it becomes opportunistic for new players to come and play in the market. The company that provides the best customer service will end up dominating the industry in the future. The growing demand for better services has led several small startups to pull in customers to their side with their services. On-demand services like DoorDash, Dunzo, UberEats, Zomato have all accumulated loyal customers in this way. 

How COVID-19 has affected the industry? 

The sudden increase in food delivery app users may be owed to lockdown protocols due to COVID-19, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the numbers will drop once the restrictions are lifted. Recent surveys have revealed that the number of people that prefer to order food rather than go out to eat is about 50%. This shows that significant population size will not go back to their restaurants but rather order from them. The time is perfect for new competitors to compete for providing the best service users can get. 

The above-mentioned factors change the restaurant industry as well, as they have to adapt to getting their business online and partner with food delivery companies unless they have their delivery service. 

Yandex.Eat has been widely used in Russia due to the popularity of its robot delivery service. The concept of never having to meet with delivery agents during these covid infested times sounded appealing to customers, which led to the popularity of Yandex.Eat. Let’s look at how a food delivery service app works to bring us food at the tap of a button.

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Components of the app 

The app has three components: the key players and one overlooking personnel referred to as the administrator. The admin of the app has control over the statistics, payment history, user and customer data. The other three components are 

  • The Customer App

This is where the customer browses, orders and pays(unless it’s cash on delivery) for their food. The customer has several options to choose from based on their searches. Once ordered, the order alerts the nearby delivery agents, and they accept it as per their choice.

  • The Delivery agent App

The delivery agent gets details of the order like the customer’s location, restaurant and navigation for the same. The customer can track the delivery agents’ location at all times once they are assigned.

Features of the Yandex.Eat clone app 

The features that users currently have are always subject to change depending on how good they can get in the future. The Yandex.Eat clone app developed by UberEatsLikeApp has aimed to perfect all features. Consequently, it resulted in creating an app that surpassed its competitor app features and innovated further to integrate additional features as a cherry on top. Here are some features that you can deliver exclusively on the Yandex.Eat clone app:

  1. GPS route optimization
  2. Repeat Order
  3. Real-time order tracking
  4. Wishlisting options
  5. Accurate cost calculation
  6. Secure wallet payments 

Revenue streams 

There are several sources of cash flow that can be utilized to maximize your profits in this business. While the revenue streams given below will dominate your total profit percentage, you can devise other ways to earn money through this business. 

  • Standard delivery charge

Users pay a reasonable price for the delivery of every order. This fee can be removed if the user pays for a recurring subscription fee 

  • Surge fee

In case of extreme weather or traffic conditions, the driver is compensated with an additional fee.

  • Restaurant commissions

The restaurant partnering with your food delivery app has to pay you commissions monthly or per order as per your criteria. 

  • Premium subscriptions

Premium subscriptions are a great way to establish a close relationship with the customers as well allow them to have exclusive loyalty rewards.


Whatever may be the case, having a professionally made, feature-rich Yandex. Eat clone app is the quintessential factor to running a successful business that satisfies both ends. The option to have your food delivery app be the best in the market is staring right at you, but it is upto you to invest in it. If you’re ready to run a successful online food delivery service, we are ready to help. 

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