The best foods no longer require dressing up, travelling to and waiting at restaurants. The food you’re craving will be delivered hot/cold and fresh right to your doorstep. Customers are going nuts for the ease of access to get their hands on delicious food without doing any work. All credit goes straight to the innovators of the on-demand food service industry like Wolt, UberEats and more such apps. 

Do you want to make a difference in how people think of fine eating with your own on-demand food delivery app ? We can help! 

We’ve formulated the best guide to start your own food delivery app business. Let us guide you from a to z on your food delivery app business by making your very own customized Wolt clone app with our help.

Is it possible to be successful with the food delivery business in 2021?

If you’ve been following the industry for the past few years, you must have noticed the recent surge in the use of food delivery apps in your vicinity as delivery agents are always buzzing around the streets. Wolt has around 2.5 million users registered, and it operates in over 50 cities with hundreds of restaurants in partnership with it. 

The revenue of Wolt annually is estimated at 23 million, making it one of the country’s most profitable businesses. The unexpected occurrence of the pandemic has caused the industry to catapult years into the future as there is an increased number of people who prefer not to go out to buy food. UberEats, DoorDash and similar startups have seen a massive surge in the number of orders per day during the onset of the 2019-2020 global lockdown.

While the numbers are solid and indicative of success, the effort put into the app, and its service is the primary reason for Wolt’s steady market growth. 

Features in Wolt app

Wolt has performed extensive research to provide its users with the best features to make their lives easier. Their target market is smaller cities and suburban areas, so they made sure their app communicates with the targeted demographic’s lifestyle and mindset.

We made sure to add more features into our Wolt clone app to help beat the competition and acquire happy customers who would prefer your app services over others currently towering the market regarding the customer base’s size.

                                               Looking to start your own food delivery business?

                                                      We have just the app for you

Customer app 

The Customer uses this interface to register, log in using social media or email, and enter their location. They can immediately start ordering on the app from hundreds of restaurants in their area. There will be options to contact the delivery personnel while the order is being delivered.

Delivery agent app

The delivery personnel can choose to accept an order request. The app notifies the delivery agent with restaurant location and order details which he collects and delivers to the customer’s provided location.

Admin app

The admin oversees the user and delivery agents’ data to analyse and improve the services in the future. This is crucial to the development of the app and to strengthen their customers’ faith in their company. Location statistics, order frequency and other statistics are measured and reported to the admin by the app itself.

Exclusive features in Wolt clone app

We went above and beyond the requirements of the user and put endless hours into seamlessly integrating all app services and adding features that will make the users wonder how they ever lived without it. 


Pre-ordering the food to avoid delay in work schedules is a must-have feature for the next generation of work ethics. This feature will allow people to depend on their app to take care of their food to be delivered on time and remove any unsurety in their plans for the day

Order takeaway

Orders don’t go to the customer’s location, instead, they can pick up it themselves depending on their convenience

Real-time tracking 

The customer tracks food delivery agents to know their exact location and helps them reach the destination without confusion. There are features to track the progress of food being prepared, the driver choosing his routes, and monitoring the delay in orders.

Driver profile 

The driver’s details will be listed with more information like orders completed, reviews and ratings, their personal information to avoid any sketchy backgrounds they might share. This feature provides a sense of security and reliability for users to know who their heroes of hunger are.


Sound business plans don’t come easily. Food delivery apps like Wolt have their place in high market shares in the future, and the grounds are welcoming for new competition. At UberEats Like App, we help entrepreneurs get the best Wolt clone app with a high customization level and additional features.

Let’s get you the best version of a Wolt clone app today and set a firm foot in your venture to become one of the most successful businesses to come!

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