Mobile apps are revolutionized to an extent where we do our daily chores like shopping for groceries and ordering food through the smartphone. With a decent internet connection customers can order food online with a plethora of food delivery apps in the market. We have started to try new cuisines for a reasonable price and food delivery apps are in fierce competition to top each other.

In middle of popular food delivery apps like UberEats, Deliveroo, GrubHub, Zomato and FoodPanda, our product has to deliver something where they may have overlooked. We are going to delve into the list of things that we should consider while building your own UberEats clone app.

Find the target audience and answer your own question “Do the customers need an app?”

Research your target audience and see that whether their tastes cater to your order. The preferences between the customers vary. Many of the choices the customer makes are on a whim and you should be ready to cater to the order they place. Another important question you have to ask yourself is that “Do your customers need an app to reach you?” If your customer base is only regulars then you don’t have any need for an app.

Mouth-Watering Menu

The only way your customer can be in your app for more than 30 seconds is that you should showcase your menu that will cause hunger pangs to the customer the moment they see it. Encompass the rating, prices, item names and discounts in the menu. By watching the menu at the glance the customer should understand the dishes and their prices.

GPS and Geo-location Services

Without a GPS and Geo-location services we’d be lost within hours. You can integrate the GPS by using the Google’s location API or Location framework API. By using the Geo-location services, the customer can track their order when it comes out of the restaurant to the customer’s place.

Payment Integration

Always integrate in-app payment services. Use PayPal, Braintree and many more payment systems for the customers ease of use to pay for their food. Also include Cash-On-Delivery option for people who are unwilling or unable to pay online.

Create Partnership with Both Grocery and Delivery Logistics Sides

The food delivery business without the dedicated grocery store is bound to fail. So the food delivery services will partner with grocery stores and delivery logistics team where the grocery will deliver the essentials needed to cook the food. Some restaurants may have a dedicated delivery logistics and some may not have them. They can also partner with logistics business to take care of their businesses.

These are the five crucial check-lists to consider while creating your own UberEats clone app. The can provide a well-rounded UberEats clone app with much reasonable price. With the above lists you can escape the clichéd features of the UberEats clone app and service your customers with ease.

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