Grocery shopping has never been an enjoyable task to do for anyone. It’s not anyone’s cup of tea to dress up, drive for miles to get all their grocery items on the list and bring them back, only to find out that they’ve missed some items. Luckily, those unfortunate times are forever behind us. 

On-demand grocery shopping has been a boon for many who dread grocery shopping or don’t have the time to hunt for every item on their list. Apps like Instacart, Tesco have made it easier to order groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep. Such apps have millions of users and a massive market in today’s economic landscape. 

What is Tesco? 

Tesco is one of the industry leaders when it comes to the Grocery business. They’ve been running since 1919 and established their brand identity in 1924. Since then, the grocery giant has made incredible progress, which made them the business behemoth that they are today, selling in over nine countries and becoming the largest retailer in the UK. 

With their powerful online grocery shopping app, attractive marketing strategies, premium memberships, positive social media influence and more, Tesco has amassed millions of loyal customers. Tesco’s grocery app has significantly boosted their business and helped them anchor their spot at the top of the market. 

How does the app work? 

The Tesco app and similar grocery delivery service apps perform with three key players in the process and the admin overseeing and making changes to the app as needed.

1. The customer

The customer browses for the desired grocery items in the options provided in the app. After the order is on the checkout screen, the customer can pay for the groceries either through online payment options or Cash On Delivery as per their convenience. 

2.Shopper/ Delivery agent

Delivery agents nearby receive a prompt to accept or decline the order details. The order’s details are displayed, and if the agent accepts it, they receive navigation support from the app along with the complete list of orders. The delivery agent shops for all the items on the list and bills them in a partnered grocery store. If some items are not available, the shopper can look for close alternatives or inform the customer.

3.Partnered store

The grocery store has special discounts and prices for the users of the grocery delivery service app. They also track agents that arrive at the shop and keep items ready for their orders to hasten the process. They are also responsible for offering promotional of

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Intelligent features of Tesco clone app

The Tesco clone app comes packed with features that are standard as well as indigenous to the app. Here are some of the features that will take the users’ experience to the next level of fulfillment and satisfaction:

  • Scheduled orders

Orders can be scheduled in advance to deliver at a set time and destination. This allows the customer to plan ahead and not wait for orders.

  • Real-time tracking 

Harness the full potential of real-time tracking with the Tesco clone app. The app allows users to track delivery agents from when they reach the store till they’re at their doorstep.

Referral programs 

With referral programs, users can get rewards when their friends or family join using their link. This promotes brand loyalty and a sense of satisfaction while using the app.

  • Multiple payment options 

With several payment options, customers can now pay for their orders in the way that is most convenient to them. Contactless pay is also a significant advantage as the COVID-19 virus is not done with us yet.

  • Smart route optimization 

Shoppers can look for the fastest route to follow instead of any route available. This feature allows the delivery agents to reach their destination faster and move to the next order quickly. 

Tesco clone app development  

The app of your dreams can be developed in a lot of ways. The most common routes entrepreneurs follow to build an app for their business are ones given below: 

Options to choose from

  • Clone script: 

This method is the fastest way to get a robust, feature-rich app customized for your business. It is a white-label solution, meaning that it only needs your logo and business name on it along with your customization requirements, and it is ready to go. Features can be added or removed as per your necessities.

Clone apps are tested vigorously and are incredibly versatile, with the added advantage of having lesser waiting times, making it one of the most popular options to build an app for businesses.

  • Partner with company

Partnering with a team of experienced developers or a company is suitable for people looking to build their app from scratch, which is expensive, time-consuming and prone to additional costs. However, clients can have a smooth experience and build a product more catered to their business needs.

  • Build own team 

If you are ready to be a project manager and overlook your team of handpicked members, this is the way to go. It comes with an investment of a reasonable amount of time and capital, but you can be in charge of the project and its progress at all times.

Cost of development of Tesco clone app 

There are several costs associated with the development of an app like Tesco. The general costs are influenced by the app development team size and location. This will majorly affect the cost as the hourly pay in different locations vary by a significant margin. 

The teams’ experience is also a massive factor in the final cost as experienced developers charge more for their services than novices do. It is an excellent option to research and check out the team’s previous projects before signing a contract and paying. Other costs would include the total number of hours worked as the total cost would be the hourly pay times the hours worked on the app development. Choosing the appropriate technology stack and platform will accordingly increase or decrease the cost of development. 

With all that said,

It is crucial to hire the right people to work on your app development project to succeed in this vast market. UberEatsLikeApp has all your demands met and developed a state-of-the-art Tesco app clone designed to beat your competition and build your grocery business empire. Get ahead of the curve and secure your fully customizable Tesco clone app from UberEatsLikeApp.

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