With the advent of food delivery apps, people started ordering their food online. But still, some customers want to visit your restaurant amidst these food delivery apps to enjoy their meal. So imagine how important it is for you to create a long-lasting impression. Customers will expect to have an excellent dine-in experience at your restaurant. In such situations, you cannot make your customers wait in long queues to get a table.

A table reservation system runs on the restaurant’s website or on a restaurant app for the customers to reserve their tables well in advance before reaching the restaurant. A table reservation system helps restaurants to handle their table arrangements and customers wisely. 

An overview of the Table reservation system 

Technology has changed the way of operations of restaurants by making all the operations of restaurants driven with software. Adopting various technologies for your restaurant will not only upgrade your business but also improve the user experience. The online table reservation system should be handled with the utmost attention. The availability of the tables should be updated in real-time, and all the operations of the app should be automated with the help of technology to avoid manual errors. 

A restaurant app is a one-stop solution for the customers to order their food and reserve their tables for their restaurant visit. An online reservation system in an app should function with specific features that are essential for table reservations. Some of the crucial features of online reservation apps are,

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User-friendly interface

A restaurant app for online table reservations should be intuitive and easy for the users to operate. The purpose of using an app is to reserve a table for enjoying a meal in the restaurant. So, the users should feel the operations of the app simple and quick in response. The availability of the tables should be updated on the app, and the customers can open the app to see the time slots of the seats. 


A calendar is a vital feature to be on the app. Through calendars, the users can schedule the date and time for availing of the services. This is a kind of advanced booking option for the users to book well in advance. The calendar will also help the restaurants to manage their schedules. 

Pre-ordering option

The Table reservation system should also enable the users to pre-order their meal as it will save the time of the customers and the staff. This feature will be helpful for the people to order their food when they are on the way to their restaurant. There are high chances of no-shows and cancellations in a table reservation system. But through the pre-ordering feature, you can avoid the risk of no-shows and cancellations.

Updates regarding the menu

This is one of the vital features that will draw a lot of customers to your restaurant. You can post appealing images of the food that are special for that particular day. The users will browse through the food and book their tables. This feature is also essential when you provide pre-ordering options for your customers. 

Coupons and discounts 

The best way to attract more customers is by providing excellent discounts for their meals. You can offer discounts to the early customers who book their tables in the initial slot itself. This will encourage your customers to visit the restaurant repeatedly. You can also provide coupon codes on the app for the users, which they can use when dine-in to get discounts. 


Convenient booking time 

As mentioned earlier, providing user experience should be the goal of your table reservation system. So, your app should allow the users to book their table at their feasible and convenient table. This will improve the overall experience of your customers.


Why is it essential to have a table reservation system for your restaurant?

  • The table reservation system provides utmost convenience and accessibility for the users to book their tables hassle-free. There are high chances of gaining more customers through this system
  • The details of the customers will be stored in the database, which will help the restaurant access the information about the customer’s history.


  • The table reservation system will help the restaurants to build their brand image among other restaurants. This will be a unique way of marketing your restaurant brand.


  • A restaurant reservation system will avoid the overcrowding of the customers at the restaurant premises. When table reservations become online, only the reserved customers will be able to enter the dine-in area.
  • Investing in a Table reservation system is a one-time process that can bring a lot of revenue to your restaurant.

On a concluding note,

Adopting restaurant management software has become mandatory for restaurants to manage their business. The restaurants should consider opting for a viable software that can provide coverage for a restaurant’s operations. A table reservation system along with restaurant management software will be an added advantage for your business.

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