The year 2020 had a significant influence on the downfall of businesses of various sectors. The pandemic forced many businesses to shut their services. It was when business owners started realizing the need to refine their business models to withstand the current situation. A few businesses carved out success in their niche, and many succumbed to failure. 

This blog will bring you the ins and outs of launching a Swiggy clone app and suggest the best business idea that will everlast.

What is Swiggy Clone Script?

Swiggy clone script is a ready-made food delivery solution that can be used by entrepreneurs to launch an efficient food delivery platform. It consists of an inbuilt business model and features that can help you launch a Swiggy like food ordering app in a short duration of time. From necessary features to the most advanced food ordering functionalities has been included in the solution.

Growing Food Delivery Business Sector

The food delivery business has started gaining momentum in recent years due to the higher adoption rate among users. Users find food delivery services to be the most sophisticated option than visiting restaurants. This change in user behavior paved the way for increased demand for online delivery services. Business owners who run food delivery services started making wise use of the opportunity by tweaking their business model and services. 

Incorporating Safety Measures in Food Delivery App

Business giants like Swiggy and Zomato implemented modernized food delivery services by incorporating several safety measures. Implementing safety measures helped them strive through the pandemic and retreated with a massive user base.

Let us delve into the various safety precautions that can be implemented throughout the order journey that ensure trust among users.

  • Maintaining hygienic throughout the order journey is highly important right from the kitchen to the dispatch of orders. The restaurant staff should be subjected to temperature checks and ensure no one is under the weather.  
  • The restaurant should periodically sanitize every touchpoint like countertops, sinks, etc., which will help balance safety levels.
  • The restaurants that abide by the safety guidelines should be rewarded with safety badges with which users can place orders without any hesitation.
  • The delivery persons should be advised on the importance of maintaining social distancing and following safety regulations like wearing masks, gloves, etc., 
  • Food delivery apps like Swiggy incorporated a deep-learning algorithm that will recognize whether the delivery person wears masks and gloves while dispatching the orders.
  • Of all, introducing takeaway options will be more appealing to users as they can directly pick up their orders from the restaurant without relying on the delivery service. 

Consider implementing the above-said crucial points in your food delivery services to gain an everlasting user base. As many food delivery businesses keep idolizing apps like Swiggy for their innovative strategies and a feature-rich app, you too can put your hands on developing one such app.

Swiggy clone app development is widely adopted among business owners who wish to enter the food delivery business. The app, coupled with striking features, is all you need for your business. 

How Does Our Swiggy Clone App Works?




Features of Swiggy clone that gives enticing user experience 

Advance booking – The advance booking feature sees a tremendous adoption among users as they can book orders at their convenient date. Yes, users can enter a particular date/time in which they want to receive orders.

Track orders– The app supports high-end features like order tracking. After placing orders, users can track the exact status and location of their food orders.

Reorder– Choices that users make are quite weird. Some users may prefer to order the same items regularly. To cater to their convenience, the app has a reordering facility via which users can reorder.

Delivery checklist– The delivery checklist/planner is a stack of orders and their statuses. The delivery person can dispatch orders based on the priority in the checklist.

Route navigation assistance– Delivering orders on time is of utmost importance failing which accounts for poor customer service. The in-app route assistance suggests the delivery person with a route that is devoid of traffic so that the delivery person can reach the destination on time.

Order notifications– Once the user selects the restaurant, the app will map the corresponding restaurant’s request. The restaurant manager, who manages the incoming orders, will receive order notifications. 

From then, it is the responsibility of the restaurant manager to dispatch orders to users. Also, the admin will monitor whether the order is processed and delivered on time.

Swiggy Clone Admin Features

Profile verification– To ensure the genuineness of restaurants, the admin will verify their business details like name of restaurant, location, shop license, etc.,

Order tracking– Not only the user but the admin can also track orders to affirm that orders are being dispatched seamlessly.

Manual mapping– The app will automatically assign orders to restaurants and delivery persons, the admin can also assign orders manually via the app.

Different booking options– Make your service more convenient to users by leveraging different booking options. Don’t stick with just the in-app booking; instead, accept requests via the website, phone calls, etc.,

Of all, pulling new users to your app can be eased out by including a referral program. Reward existing users who bring in new users to your app with referral points.

The package you can expect in the Swiggy clone script:

  1. User Android App
  2. User iOS App
  3. Restaurant Android App
  4. Restaurant iOS App
  5. Admin Panel
  6. Website


The sprouting demand for online food delivery services is enough to vouch that indulging in this business will never put you down. With the Swiggy clone app, you can offer quality food delivery services and uplift your growth significantly. Good luck!

Looking to launch a food delivery app like Swiggy?

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