The rise of competition and expenditure to run a restaurant has increased in recent years. Many restaurants that couldn’t think beyond the cubicle failed to survive in the market. The advent of technology gave a new reach to the food industry. Ordering food through online platforms has become the latest trend. After the arrival of food delivery apps, most of the sales started happening online. This affected the traditional functioning of the restaurant. 

And that is when the concept of cloud kitchen entered into the frame. The Cloud kitchen concept replaced the traditional restaurants by operating only with kitchens. A cloud kitchen or a ghost kitchen undertakes orders from online apps and delivers them to the customers without dining facilities. A cloud kitchen is fully equipped with technology for its complete functionalities. 

Many restaurants have started adapting this cloud kitchen concept as they are easy to operate and cost-effective. Suppose you are a restaurant owner looking for options to convert your restaurant to cloud-based technology. First, you need to understand how it works. So, start examining the concept through this blog.

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Business models of cloud kitchen 

As said earlier, cloud kitchens take their orders from third-party online apps and manage their sales activities. Since the complete operations are based on online ordering, it is essential to have a good software suite installed in the restaurant for regulating the functions. The Software suites will vary according to the type of business model a restaurant adopts. Let us validate the different kinds of business models available,

Adapting a ‘delivery only’ tagline

On analyzing that most of their orders are carried out by the food delivery apps, restaurants have taken a shift and started operating as delivery restaurants. These kinds of restaurants will work by adding delivery-only brands in their restaurant. By adopting this business model, the restaurants can cut down more staff and extra space. There will be no dine-in facility, and the users also can pick up the food orders physically from the restaurants. 

Shared cloud kitchen concept 

In this type of cloud kitchen, restaurants will rent their space for other multiple brands to operate their restaurants. In this type, the restaurant will act as a landlord and promote the brand of the other restaurants. In simple words, a restaurant will provide shelter to the other restaurant brands to operate with it and also promote their brands. These types of restaurants are performed through shared kitchen software.

How can UberEatsLikeApp provide complete support for your cloud restaurant?

There are different business models to adopt for a cloud kitchen. But the principle concept of a cloud kitchen is to run through a Software suite. We at UberEatsLikeApp provide the best-in-class services to strengthen your business. Here is the list our software suite we offer for your cloud kitchen,

Website / Mobile applications –  As a cloud restaurant, the only way to reach your customer base is through a well-designed website. A website creates a long-lasting impression about a business. We offer you an excellent website along with mobile applications with cutting-edge technology that will enable your customers to order directly through your app.

Online ordering – We offer you an online ordering platform for your restaurant. This way, you can save your commissions you pay to your aggregators for using their platform to take orders.

Cloud kitchen POS – Through our POS, you can handle multiple orders for your restaurant. The POS will help the restaurant staff to execute their orders they receive from various brands.

Inventory system – Our software enables the cloud kitchen to handle the inventory from multiple departments. Our inventory system also can take numerous cloud kitchens in case you run more than one outlet.

Integrations – While running a cloud kitchen, it is essential to have third-party integrations to increase the restaurant’s sales. Cloud kitchen suite will enhance your integrations with aggregators and will also provide multiple payment options for the users.

Delivery management – Our Cloud kitchen software will provide facilities for the restaurant to track and manage the delivery fleets. Our system offers assistance for ordering, assigning, dispatching, and monitoring.

CRM – Our Cloud kitchen software will have a CRM tool integrated to gain more information about eh customers. The information you gain from our CRM tool will help you to build a rapport with your customers.

Wrapping up,

Cloud restaurants are gaining more popularity owing to their unique approach. Restaurant owners who are interested in revamping their business should consider these features. UberLikeEatsApp will be your one-stop-shop for all your restaurant softwares. Approach us with no further delay and get your Cloud kitchen software suite to shape your restaurant.

Would you like to remodel your restaurant with our cloud kitchen software suite?

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