You order, you pay, you receive; that’s how simple it is to get groceries, food, drink etc. delivered at the doorstep. Ever wondered what the backend process is like? Is it as easy as ordering something? Let’s find that out in the latter part of this blog that uses Postmates as an example.

Postmates is a Billion dollar app that delivers anything and everything. Over the years, Postmates has strived to become the most reliable pick-up and delivery platform. The annual revenue has been steadily growing. Recently, Postmates and DoorDash, the two U.S. based on-demand delivery startup giants have discussed a merger. The outcome would take on better-funded competitors like Amazon, GrubHub, Uber etc. That’s how worthy the app is and it’s because of the seamless service they offer.

Postmates service includes two types of apps:

  • The client Postmates app, from which the orders are carried out by a consumer
  • Fleet courier app, which is installed in the smartphones of the delivery personnel.

We have a general idea of how the customer app works. The fleet app is for the merchants who make the deliveries.

The workflow is;

  • Accepting a Delivery Request
  • Going to the Pickup Location
  • Picking Up Orders and Paying
  • Completing Pick-up and Starting Drop-off
  • Dropping Off an Order

Clearly, this also sounds easy and accurately sequenced. It is possible through a sophisticated app that is tailor-made to accommodate each and every need to result in a user-friendly process.

So, if the mantra for a successful on-demand delivery service is a lit app, where do you get it? You don’t have to search for it because you’re already there!

Our vision is to meet your business requirements so that you can stand out in the on-demand door delivery realm. We have an adept team of professionals to custom-make the Postmates clone app for your business. With the white-labelled and turnkey solution, launch your app on Android, iOS and web platforms in no time. We assure that you will obtain better results at a cost-efficient price compared to an app that is developed from square one.

Get in touch with us and let’s ace the mantra together.


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