Pizzas have become one of the most commonly eaten dishes in the world. A lot of toppings have been added to make it more delicious. People are also becoming health-conscious while consuming Pizzas and are insisting on the addition of fresh cheese, demanding gluten-free pizzas, and the inclusion of vegetable salads. With giants like Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s operating in the market, ordering pizza from these restaurants have become so easy.

The latest developments witnessed in the wonderful world of Pizzas

  • Dominos and Papa Johns are focussing on non-pizza food items to boost their growth. It includes dishes like chicken wings, garlic parmesan crust, cheeseburgers, sauces, and sandwiches.
  • Harlem Pizza, an outlet in New York sells pizzas to customers by bartering them with other goods like wine, dessert items, and cocktails.
  • The Indian market for frozen pizzas is all set to grow at a rate of 14.8% every year till 2027. The growth will directly depend on factors like the availability of cold storage facilities, customization in packing strategies, and an increase in the number of retail pizza outlets.
  • Jubilant Foodworks, the franchise owner of Domino’s Pizza in the Asian market, plans to own 771 new outlets in nations like Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan in the future.
  • MOD Pizza, a US-based casual restaurant grew its digital sales of pizza rapidly in 2020 with a 275% rise in online transactions executed for buying pizzas. It plans to open its 500th store soon.
  • The global pizza market will cross $233.26 billion in 2023 with a huge 10.17% annual growth rate. Factors like the rise in the disposable income of the customers, urban development, increase in the youth population, and more formation of pizza franchises will propel its growth.

The different components of the Pizza Delivery app

Customer Section
  • Customers can register themselves – on the Pizza delivery app easily.
  • Have a look at the pizza menu online – and order any kind of pizza that is available.
  • Customize their pizza order – and add their own choice of toppings.
  • Mention the exact details of their location – to ensure the speedy delivery of pizza by the concerned delivery executive.
  • Pay the required amount for the pizza – online or in cash to the delivery personnel.
  • Track the real-time order status – of the pizza via GPS integration.
  • Share reviews – about the quality of the pizza in the integrated feedback system.
  • Inform the helpdesk – in case they face any issues while ordering pizza.
Delivery Executive Panel
  • Offer delivery services – to the users’ location once they have received an order fulfillment request on the pizza delivery app.
  • Interact with the customers through the in-app chat option – to inform them about the order status and convey reasons in case of any delay in delivery.
  • View their total earnings on the app – including details like the total number of orders processed, average earnings per order, and total working hours.
  • Use the navigation map – to ensure quick arrival by optimizing their route.
  • Can switch off their delivery services – if they are not available near a customers’ location.
  • Modify their profile details – like name, photo, personal documents, and work experience.
Admin Dashboard
  • Access information – about total revenue, profits, and expenses over a period. The admin will make constant efforts to grow the business of the Pizza delivery app.
  • Approve new delivery executives – to the platform after verifying all their documents and personal background.
  • Handle customer feedback – and resolve complaints in a jiffy.
  • Change the items – of the menu and modify the prices from time to time depending on the operational costs.
  • Credit the pizza delivery executives’ earnings – to their bank accounts and digital wallets.
  • Formulate a flexible policy – for order cancellation, reordering, and the issue of refunds.
  • Take care of the proper implementation of loyalty programs – to retain more customers.
  • Offer new discounts, promo codes, and coupons – to attract new users to the pizza delivery platform.
  • Add advanced features to the pizza delivery app – like seamless social media integration, voice calling and video calling facilities, call masking and offer preferred timings for door delivery of pizza for the customers.

The steps to follow as part of Pizza delivery app development

  • Determine the target audience and the operational scope.
  • Hire mobile app developers, marketing specialists, UI/UX designers, frontend and backend developers, project managers, finance managers, and technical support staff.
  • Formulate a well-defined agreement with them and include details about deadlines and delivery milestones.
  • A variety of technologies like JavaScript, Python, Google Places API, AngularJS, Swift, MongoDB, Amazon Web
  • Services (AWS), Google Analytics, and Microsoft Azure can be utilized.
  • Add the needed features and functionalities into the Pizza delivery app.
  • Once wireframing has been completed, test its initial functionality.
  • Remove all the technical bugs and glitches to make the food delivery app completely free from any vulnerabilities.
  • Deploy it on the operational network.
  • Launch it at the most favourable time in the market to get maximum business traction.

Final Thoughts

The creation of a top-notch Pizza delivery app will yield a lot of positives in the future. The emergence of cloud kitchens, door delivery by using drones and robots, and using more technology for real-time supply chain management and inventory management will take the demand for Pizzas to the next level. So, the situation is apt to indulge in the creation of a Pizza delivery app and enhance the overall brand image.

Curate a high-end Pizza delivery app now

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