In today’s fast-paced world, a major portion of our income is spent on food that is consumed outside home. The online food delivery segment amounts to $US 95,413 million in 2019. Taking advantage of a large number of people who like to order food outside, many food delivery apps are earning massive income from this lucrative industry. Some startups like Zomato, FoodPanda, GrubHub, Postmates and so on, have mushroomed to billion-dollar businesses.

Online platforms have changed our lifestyle, our communication methods, our shopping procedures and even transformed the way people conduct business. The popular food delivery platforms have invested a large sum in developing a software platform for their business. A flawless mobile application is the crux of a seamless food delivery business.

There are two major types of food delivery solutions,

  • The Aggregator model
  • The Food delivery platform with logistics support

Aggregator Model

In this food delivery system, the app functions like the third party. When the customer makes the order, the app passes the information to the concerned restaurant and the delivery occurs.

The platform allows users to browse through numerous cuisines and delicacies with ease. The user can check various options, menus, reviews, and ratings before placing the order. The app simply takes orders from users and connects them to the restaurant which handles the delivery on their own.

Food Delivery Platform with Logistics Support

Small restaurants, home delivery services, and food joints are greatly benefiting from this model. This delivery platform assists the partnering restaurants with delivery support.

Those who can’t afford a delivery service prefer this type as they can be free from costs like paying drivers, vehicle maintenance, vehicle insurance and so on. Instead of focussing on delivery, the restaurants can concentrate on making their services better. UberEats and GrubHub follow this model. The logistics model is popular because of its wider reach among the audience and its partnership with restaurants of all sorts, from small to large scale.

How to make a successful food delivery app like GrubHub/UberEats?

To survive in the prevailing competitive business market, you have to be unique in your offerings. Some of the common challenges faced by food delivery startups are as follows,

  • Understanding the audience
  • The right software platform for the business(Android, iOS and Web)
  • Advanced Features in the application
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Cost and other challenges in building the app from scratch

Understand Your Audience!

You should identify the target audience of your business. After carefully analyzing them and the demographics, come up with a Unique Selling Proposition. It means to have something special that your competitors don’t which will help sell your products better.

If your target audience is working professionals, then you can establish a partnership with restaurants that provides on-time delivery during lunch hours. If you are aiming at busy millennials who wish to chill with a beer and pizza, watching Netflix, you should consider having tie-ups with pizza delivery outlets and other fast food services.

Everything About the Software!

Developing your app with the experts in the field will help you overcome many risks in your business. To create an app like GrubHub, you have to find the right app development company.

Check the following metrics before investing in a company for app development,

  • Experience in handling food delivery app model
  • Agile development process
  • Adept developers
  • Employment of cutting edge technology
  • App launch platforms
  • Feature-rich solutions

App building is a crucial part of any business. You have to be careful with these metrics while developing a flawless mobile application for your business. The food delivery is in the process of a dramatic shift and it shows positive signs of growth in the upcoming years.

Now is the right time to enter the industry with an application. Once you’re all set, get your hands on an app like GrubHub and start your entrepreneurial journey in no time.

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