Continuous expansion is a must in the intensely competitive restaurant industry. Eateries cannot sustain in the long run if they have only one outlet. They need to start numerous eateries and operate them simultaneously in an efficient manner. This is where a game-changing Multi-chain restaurant software steps in. 

What does Multi-chain restaurant software imply?

  • It takes care of order processing and deliveries of all the eateries located in various areas. 
  • The solution contains a dashboard displaying a real-time view of all the daily business operations. 
  • It has separate panels for customers, delivery executives, and the admin.
  • The app is highly user-friendly, feature-packed, customized, and can also be integrated seamlessly with the leading cloud platforms. 

The plethora of benefits offered by a Restaurant app solution are

Retain more customers

  • As footfalls decrease in restaurants due to fears of contracting Covid-19 in the minds of customers, eateries will benefit from the Multi-chain software as it helps them to convert one-time guests into regular visitors. 
  • It also assists in speedy order fulfillment to improve overall user satisfaction. 

Increases the total sales

  • Restaurants need a constant influx of diners to keep running their business at an optimum capacity. 
  • The Restaurant app ensures maximum efficiency in order management and home deliveries. 
  • Sales can also be boosted by posting third-party advertisements on the Restaurant management platform and by offering customized subscription plans either monthly or yearly to regular customers. 
  • Hence, the restaurant can attract a huge target audience in a short time. 

Utilization of advanced tools

  • Paperwork is completely eliminated from the restaurants. 
  • Digital tools are used for real-time table management, handling takeaways, taking new orders, executing marketing campaigns on various communication channels, loyalty program management, and allocating food delivery tasks to delivery executives. 

The core features of a Restaurant app solution are

Online ordering – It removes physical menus and instead digitizes it by sharing them with customers through easy-to-use tablets and smartphones. This eliminates the need to employ a lot of waiters or table supervisors reducing overhead costs to a great extent. It can also be integrated with a digital billing management system for better efficiency. 

Kitchen management – All the information about current and new orders must be communicated to the kitchen staff immediately so that they do not miss even a single order as it would lead to a lost sale. The admin can use this to track the average order processing time for each food item and issue alerts directly to the kitchen in case of delays. 

Table Reservation – The employees of the restaurant need to know the number of tables that are open and closed. The waiting time for new customers in the eatery must be kept less. Though home deliveries contribute a major source of revenue to restaurants now due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus, dine-ins have also started picking up because of safety measures being taken by eateries. The Table reservation software provides advance booking options to diners ensuring a hassle-free and unforgettable dining experience. 

Inventory management – Running short of important ingredients or raw materials will be a thing of the past as real-time inventory management shares timely alerts by analyzing the items that are under-stocked and over-stocked in the restaurant. This prevents unnecessary delays while preparing food. 

Real-time Menu management – Menu changes can be made according to the time of the day like different meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and separate dishes for weekdays and weekends. Based on the users’ likes, dislikes, and interests, the restaurant can make suitable changes to the menu. The frequently-ordered items can be placed at the top of the menu to ensure guaranteed sales. 

Tax management – As the operational scope of restaurants expands, they will have to pay more taxes (both direct and indirect) to the authorities. A Tax management software ensures timely filing of income tax returns and also a prompt response to the notice issued by authorities. It also assists in efficient tax planning to minimize the total taxes to be paid. 

Employee management – It takes care of different aspects related to the labour force like monitoring productivity, attendance, timely payout of salary and bonus, provision of health insurance and gratuity, and adhering to strict safety norms in the workplace. Employee management software is also integrated with a feedback system to handle complaints and grievances effectively. 

Payment management – Restaurants will have various expenses to take care of like salary of staff, operating expenses, and miscellaneous costs. Accept different modes of payments like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, e-wallets, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and wire transfers. This provides more flexibility to users and ensures a consistent inflow of revenue for the restaurant helping it to meet its targets successfully. 

As seen above, running a restaurant efficiently has become harder due to the ever-changing market conditions. A Multi-chain restaurant software takes care of all business aspects including dine-in and food deliveries. It helps the restaurant to thrive in the market in the long run. Hence, get a comprehensive Restaurant app solution now that would provide advantages of a sleek design, advanced functionalities, and a sleek design. 


Start utilizing the Multi-chain restaurant software now

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