Food delivery is currently one of the most profitable businesses. An increase in the urge to taste a variety of dishes among the people and the availability of food at the doorstep facilities have tremendously impacted the positive growth of this food delivery business segment. 


Major players in the markets are Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato etc., and they constitute a major portion of the market. These companies usually compete with each other in the market, and majorly the competition is only between these companies, but there are few exceptional cases. There’s one such exceptional case, where an app became more popular and had a tremendous impact on the user base, which was more than these existing apps. This app’s record-making stats almost turned every other’s eye on it. It’s none other than Mituan, a food delivery app


Meituan is a Chinese based online food delivery app. It is known as a giant in the Chinese market. It was founded as a Groupon clone in 2010, and in 2015, almost every other similar operating company was forced to shut down due to Meituan’s business growth and strategies. It included the app deriving company Groupon too. Meituan’s stats are mentioned below,

  • A driver makes an average of 25 deliveries a day with a salary of 15-30 USD per day;
  • Meituan makes 20 million deliveries daily (US market leader Grubhub just makes 500 Thousand per day)
  • China’s delivery market is humongous at an estimated 800 Billion USD;
  • There are around 156 cities with more than 1 Mio people in China (the US has 10);
  • Deliveries in China cost an estimated 1 USD (5 USD in the US);

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Impact and Strategies followed by Meituan during COVID-19

There was a mixed response during the pandemic situation to Meituan. While the government imposed lockdowns and restricted the public travel facilities significantly, meal and grocery delivery services received a major boost in proceedings.

Let’s look at some stats that tell us how Meituan regained its market presence after the pandemic situation in China.

  • The Quarterly sales increased upto 29%, stated Meituan’s reports.
  • The sales for the period July to September went upto 35.4 billion, which is an unimaginable number.
  • The projected income of Meituan raised upto 435 million yuan. However, it tackled all the odds, generating a net income of around 6.3 billion yuan.
  • The ‘new’ normal has accelerated Meituan’s food delivery division tremendously. The food delivery segment experienced a growth which was more than in pre-pandemic situations.

Meituan’s reign came back in no time during the post-pandemic phase. The following are a few strategies followed by Meituan during COVID – 19: 

  • Contactless deliveries: The users can opt for this option, where the food was delivered at the door and the customer can pick it from there.
  • Safety ratings and reviews: The users had an option to write feedback and rate on the safety measures taken by Meituan.
  • Face mask recognition software: Automate the process of verifying delivery executives for safety standards with ultra-modern software.
  • Safety badges:  The restaurants were scrutinized based on the safety standards and provided with badges to gain consumer’s trust effortlessly.

Meituan has great strategies which can almost tackle every obstacle they come across. But have you ever thought about getting into this food delivery market? Well, if you have a thought, then you should proceed.


How to build an app like Meituan?

The wisest way of entering into the food delivery business will be to follow the strategies of the giants in the market. The primary focus should be to have an app like Meituan. The pricing of app development varies from one company to another. These companies charge you on the basis of your requirements. Building an app from scratch is a definite costly process, and it requires quite a lot of time.


There are alternatives, though. It is called clone solutions. Clone apps are pre-built applications that are ready to use directly. These apps can be further customized as per the needs and requirements of the business. It is a relatively cheaper and less time-consuming process. We, the UberEats Like App, offer you clone food delivery apps development services. We offer a wide range of demos and customizing options with extra added features as per your requirements. We also offer the best in class pricing for the services. All you need to do is to write a mail to us and we will get back to you in no time.


Concluding thoughts

Meituan is a real giant in the food delivery industry of China; its strategies and statistical records of growth are mind-blowing. So if you are looking to enter into this highly competitive food delivery business, then you should have some great strategies like Meituan. What are you waiting for then? Get in contact with us and launch an app like Meituan and Empower your business in the food delivery apps market.


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