Earlier people used to get food from their favorite restaurants or hotels by waiting for a long time. Though there are innumerable benefits of eating at restaurants, people still want to order their food online from the most trusted app like UberEats that helps to be delivered to their home. There are many reasons why they prefer ordering online over stepping out and eating at hotels. 

Here, we will be listing a few of the significant reasons that help your business scale high and help you make your business boost sales, and have a better online catalog/menu that is more attractive to your app users

Jotting out reasons for using an online platform for your food delivery business

  • Empty cupboards at their wardrobe

There are high chances where your users can find nothing to eat in the kitchen. Meaning, either they will have to get back in their vehicle to go to the grocery store, or they can take a few minutes to order their favorite food from their favorite restaurant online from the comfort of their homes with just a few taps. At a time like this, everyone is running their lives on a busy schedule and wants to get things done instantly. Now, considering the given scenario, it is apparent that they will opt for ordering food online. The convenience of not leaving their place is highly preferable and considerable.

  • Having kids

Parents love their children, but sometimes, it can be much more comfortable to order food online. It is struggling and a bit complicated to feed kids as they tend to throw tantrums, being loud and antsy. It is an excellent and impressive idea to take your children out of dining at a restaurant, and the waiter is making sure to bring in some snacks to keep their attention. But on busy days, it is a tedious task for them to handle their kids. Instead, they prefer ordering online to eat at their respective places. For most parents, ordering food online and having it delivered at home is considered the top choice rather than taking them out as they usually lose patience and become loud and crazy while waiting to eat at hotels.

  • End of a long day

This is one of the crucial reasons people are more interested in ordering online than dining in because they have had a long day and want to sit back and relax or go home. It is easier for them to get over the busy day by having their food delivered at their doorsteps. Now they can have food of their choice in a few moments, and when they get home from their hectic work, they will not have to worry about cooking as the food will have arrived by then. This takes out the stress and makes a hassle-free ordering.

New measure UberEats took during Covid-19.

The well-known UberEats is concerned about their users’ safety and well-being. They took adequate steps to help keep the communities safe as the restaurant and hotels continue to struggle amid the ongoing infectious Coronavirus. Hence, UberEats is rolling out a new app with new features and safety precautions that will help restaurants engage with their users via an app boosting their businesses.

Report Highlights

According to the recent survey taken during this lockdown, around 82% of restaurants says the UberEats app was vital to them during this restricted scenario, and 81% says that they would have had to layoff their workers if not for the app, and 75% says if not for an app like UberEats existed, they would have been forced to close their businesses by now.

Keeping that in mind, the company is bringing a new UberEats Manager App that facilitates restaurants and hotel owners to track their growth, sales from their devices.

Recent changes or improvements in the UberEats app

The giant food delivery app like UberEats has created new user engagement tools made available online and on the new Manager app, which is nothing but permitting hotels and restaurants to instantly and efficiently engage with users and even provide deals and discounts.

A newly updated User Insight Dashboard will give owners the freedom to have a deep look at the user’s ordering preferences and habits. This will help owners better understand how their users interact with their restaurants on an app.

To improve flexibility in ordering food, the app introduced this service to let restaurants add online via an app to take it to the restaurant’s website, charging zero commission paid to the app through the end of 2020. This way, they get a vast customer base and boost their sales.

Updated features to include exclusively considering the sudden outbreak of Coronavirus

The pandemic induced fear in everyone, and they are skeptical of letting people inside their house. To save customers and professionals from getting infected with the deadly coronavirus, the app is built with various precautions and safety measures, thus reducing fear.

  • Safety Indicator

The app gives a safety badge for the service providers indicating that they are free from the infectious coronavirus.

  • Advanced Trackers

The app has a tracker that helps indicate the number of affected cases in the user’s locality. It shows the distance between the nearest infected covid patients, thus offering the best UberEats clone script for your business to reach a wider audience.

  • A real-time GPS route

The app is built with the route, which helps drivers suggesting them to take alternative ways. This updated route feature allows them to pass by from the infected areas.

  • Face Mask Scanner

The face scanner verifies whether the service executive is wearing a face mask or not for the user’s safety.

These precautionary measures and features help provide a safe environment.

Summing Up

The UberEats clone app development majorly benefits your business to scale high in the food delivery industry as the demand for such apps will never cease to exist. Hence, it is the right choice and the best decision to kickstart your online business with the robust and readymade clone script that eases your task to develop an app from scratch.


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