The demand for ride-hailing services is witnessing a surge globally that offered Uber the opportunity to revolutionize taxi booking by taking it completely online. The ease of opting for services has gained a highly satisfied customer base making Uber a successful business model. If you’re an entrepreneur, this would be a perfect time to enter and flourish in the taxi-booking market with an on-demand Uber clone app solution. With cutting edge technology, you can launch your Uber clone app with robust features that make you stand unique amidst your competitors.

What are the benefits of the Uber clone script?

  • A solution to the travel problems faced by the user
  • Allowing the user to book a cab provided full clarity regarding price details, car type, and other items within seconds
  • Convenient bookings through the app
  • Customer-centric business approach
  • Uber clone script provides a ready-made solution giving the basic app structure that saves time and cost of building the app from the ground. You can analyze the working model and make further advancements that are not in the existing Uber app and make it stand unique from other apps.

Simple Workflow of Uber clone app

  1. Customers book their ride by choosing the pick-up and drop location and can choose their preference on car and fare type
  2. The app locates the nearby drivers. The driver can choose to accept/reject the user’s ride request. If a driver rejects the ride, it is automatically diverted to another driver
  3. Once the ride is complete, the customer can proceed with the payment by choosing their convenient mode of payment method
  4. The rider can rate and give reviews for the service provided to them

What are the distinctive features that can be integrated into your Uber clone app?

The app consists of 3 panels.

Rider panel – The rider panel enables the user to book a ride. The rider app features include,


Taxi booking

Ride tracking



Driver rating  

Driver panel: The driver receives the booking request of the user through the app. The driver app features include,

Diver profile

Trip Alert

Push notifications

Navigation & route optimization

In-app communication


Waiting time

Admin panel: This app is required to provide a complete management system where the admin can monitor and manage the user and driver profile details. The Admin app features include,

Customer & driver profile management

Booking management

Location & fare management

Customer support

Ratings & Reviews

Promotions and offers

Content management

Payroll management

Besides all these essential features, you can add certain complex features to your on-demand Uber clone app to make it more reliable.

Fare estimation: You can provide a feature that calculates the fare, taking into account the traffic and calculating the amount of time it will take for the driver to reach the destination, based on which the fare gets added up. There is also another way to do fare calculation. You can define a particular distance after which the fare would be calculated depending on the minutes it takes to reach the location taking into account the traffic time. Fare can be calculated automatically based on tracking distance and time in real-time helps you to be fair with your drivers and customers.

Ride Searching: This feature enables you to have a built-in radius threshold. Say, for example, a defined radius of 10km can be mentioned, so the driver gets notified about the users who want to travel within the radius of 10km. The drivers receive the alert only when both the parties, the rider and the driver, are within the 10km range.

Payment processing: You can add an automated payment method along with multiple payment options. Once the ride is complete, the amount gets auto-deducted from the customer’s saved credit/debit card. The deducted amount automatically splits to the driver and the admin accounts based on the given rates.


How can we help you build an Uber clone android app?

Building an app from scratch requires a lot of effort to hire a developer team and cost you a fortune. We have our team of skilled developers who can help you build your own Uber clone android app. The on-demand Uber clone script we offer is a White-label & customizable solution crafted with top-notch features that can be modified and remodelled with your brand name, logo, themes, etc.

Wrapping up,

The world is moving fast with people having no time to waste on waiting for buses or taxis to move from one place to another. You have a solution in your hand to offer services to your customers that can expand and diversify your business. Now is the right time to act and grow your business to heights!

Get ready to launch your Uber clone app with excellent app software!

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