The escalation of the Food & Beverage industry is on a constant rise. The earlier methods of practice are quickly becoming outdated with the evolution of faster and more efficient methods of operation. In recent times, the restaurant industry has grown exponentially from restaurant computers to restaurant management systems. According to USDA data, the research shows that people last year spent more at restaurants than grocery stores. Restaurants want to improve various aspects of the restaurant experience such as guest experience, front-of-house operations, back-of-house efficiency, back-office analytics, etc. To achieve this, companies are now leveraging technology to help drive down the restaurant failure rate.

What is a Kitchen Management Software?

With the central piece of technology that integrates with other software, restaurants can avoid the glitches caused by manual consolidation. Kitchen management software, when done in the right way, affirms the restaurant’s success. 

Some of the best restaurant management softwares and its necessary features are listed below.

Point of Sale system (POS)

Restaurant POS software act as a computer/cash register hybrid. It can process credit card payments, print receipts, display information on a screen, and operate as a service station. Modern next-gen POS systems also offer tablets with restaurant ordering apps.

Each POS system is unique based on the software, hardware and other applications. Make sure to do sufficient research when looking for a new POS system based on the wants and needs of the restaurant.

Must-have Point of Sale system (POS) features 
  • It should be able to calculate cash for each order entered
  • Make a note of the cash flow (in&out)
  • Create sales report for different periods
  • Make a note of the payment method of each customer record and store information on recurring customers
Restaurant reservation software

Restaurant reservation software creates a better user experience for your guests besides makes your operation a lot easier. Rather than requiring efforts to enter information manually, guests can input their information through a mobile app or web widget to make the reservation.

Must-have Restaurant reservation software features
  • Efficient management of inventory
  • Ease online reservation
  • Predict the stock required for upcoming days
  • Save the customer information for future marketing activities such as messages or emails
  • Facilitate the storage of information in the cloud rather than on the system

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Inventory management software

An ideal inventory management software updates the operator with the current state of their inventory. With the software helping to minimize the errors caused by humans, it also allows the restaurant to focus on running their business and guarantee the right stock at the right time.

Must-have Inventory management software features
  • It should help keep the business organized
  • Improved accuracy of inventory orders (never overstock or understock)
  • Can be integrated with POS software
Waitlist software

Waitlist software alerts the restaurant operators to quickly add guests onto a waiting list when a restaurant is full and later gives the message when a table frees up. The software allows the guest receive an SMS when the table is ready.

Must-have Waitlist software features
  • Automate the waitlist process
  • SMS functionality to send alerts to customers

Organize your food delivery business with kitchen management software

1.Menu management

It is a discomfiting moment for restaurants to tell their customers about the unavailability of certain food items mentioned in the menu card. Say bye to the traditional method of the waiter displaying the menu card to customers. Utilizing the advancement of today’s technology, the menu list can be updated according to the availability of the food items with a dedicated food delivery app development. The customers can look through the menu list and order their favourite food items. 

2.Real-time Order tracking

To ensure the on-time delivery of the food, you can add the order tracking feature that will enable the customer to track the driver’s exact location. Order tracking assures the timely delivery of the orders, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

3.Authentication of drivers

It is crucial to have a loyal driver to run your business successfully. For this, you may add a feature in your delivery app development that conducts a driver’s background check. The feature instructs the drivers to upload their data along with their driving licence, years of experience, etc., thereby enables you to ensure the authenticity of the drivers.


You can add a GPS-enabled navigation feature in your Delivery app development. The navigation feature aids drivers in locating the customers place easily, especially in a crowded city or town. It helps avoid the delay in finding the route, thus ensuring the timely delivery of the order.

Benefits of using Kitchen management software

  1. It can Elevate your profit margin while providing the best customer dining experience
  2. You can identify the areas where the most waste is generated and make alterations for the betterment

Final note,

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