Going at pace with technology is a big deal. In recent years many industries have upgraded their business with the latest technology and software. In the line are the food and beverage industry. Many food delivery apps are launched in the market. These online food delivery apps enable people to order their food without moving out from their place of stay. People worldwide have given wide recognition for these food delivery apps, making them the most sought-after app. 

Technology does not stop here. When you decide to streamline your orders online, you should also focus on other aspects like maintaining the operations and functions of the restaurants. To facilitate the entire operations, the business owners need software to handle all the processes in one go. Four in one restaurant have opted for restaurant software for managing their business. Are you a restaurant owner with ideas to upgrade your business? Well, then this blog is for you. Have a look at how a KDS works in a restaurant. 

Kitchen Display system:

Technology has changed the way restaurants operate. After the massive popularity of online ordering systems, it’s time for restaurants to focus on operations. The operations of a restaurant are very tedious and should be carried out carefully. A Kitchen Display System or KDS is software to handle both the front and back end operations. A Kitchen Display system will look like an LCD touch screen that can be fitted on the restaurant at any place. KDS is a centralized digital ordering system that reduces the work of paper tickets in the restaurant and streamlines the communication between the front end and back end operations.

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Earlier, we would have seen the waiters and cooks shouting over here and there for accepting the orders from the tables. Sometimes there will also be quarrels between the staff when the orders are changed while delivering to the customers. This kind of quarrels will create chaos in the restaurant environment. The customers will also get disturbed. To avoid all such confusion, KDS streamlines the operations of the restaurant. An iPod or a tablet is more than enough for installing KDS in the restaurant. 

With KDS, all the paper works were replaced with digital sources. For instance, the orders will be taken from a table through a Tablet or iPod instead of writing them on paper. And instantly, the charges will be communicated to the kitchen through the same software. It saves the time of the waiter staff, running from tables to the kitchen every time while taking orders.

A Kitchen Display Software, along with a Point of Sale software, will do wonders for your restaurant business. By integrating both the softwares, the staff can see the orders on POS through KDS. By incorporating the softwares, the operations can be regulated towards a productive path.

Key benefits of employing Kitchen Display Software in restaurants: 

With KDS, never miss out on order:

The KDS screen can track all the orders and the time is taken for completing them. The KDS will give valuable information about the time spent for each orders’ execution. Through this, the restaurants can identify the performance of the staff in executing the orders. The metrics of KDS will identify the potential kitchen staff and staff who need additional training.

Optimizes the cooking time of the kitchen staff:

Planning is essential for the kitchen staff for executing their orders. Whenever they accept orders from the tables, the number of plates they have to prepare will change. For instance, when the cook has kept in his/her mind to prepare five pizzas, it gets added with a few more orders. The cook cannot remember all the orders at the same time. The display of the KDS will keep the cooks updated with the number of orders executed along with the stand-in orders.

To maintain the kitchen efficiency :

The KDS allows the tickets to route from the kitchen to the preparation counters directly. There are different color codes for the tickets. They change when the orders are executed within the assigned time. There are color codes for various purposes like online orders, delayed orders, delivered orders, and paid charges.

Bridges the gap between front-end and back-end of a restaurant:

When the order is ready, the staff from the back-end can give a message to the tablets of the front-end staff. So the waiter staff can hurry up to the kitchen to get the order for the customers. 

Integrates online orders:

Kitchen Display software also integrated the online orders as they will be directly routed to the KDS screen without involving any manual entries by the staff. The online orders will be sent to the kitchen after the manager’s approval from the restaurant’s POS software.

Features of Kitchen Display Software:

Grouping the meals- The software groups all the orders to be prepared and sends them to the kitchen.

Meal pacing- KDS also has features to track each dish’s cooking time prepared by the cooks. 

Recipe alerts – The staff can check the recipe and preparation procedures and also maintain the quality.

Time management- The features of the KDS allow you to check the time taken for preparing the order along with the hygiene factor and temperature.

Concluding note,

A Kitchen Display Software acts as a solution to track all the operations of a restaurant. A KDS also acts as a communicating body between the front-end and back-end operations of the restaurants. KDS will be a one-time investment for restaurant owners to upgrade their restaurants. The benefits it offers are for life long. 

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