Ready-made Instacart Clone For Instant Success

With people turning to technology to gain most benefits out of it, now is the right time to take your existing grocery business on-demand or build an online marketplace to connect grocery stores with end customers seamlessly.

A fully functional on-demand grocery delivery app solution will allow your customers to avail of your grocery delivery service in no time with just a few taps on their smartphones. The app can gain you maximum outreach in a short span, along with earning instant success in your niche. Connect with our experts right away!

Offer Seamless Grocery Delivery Service Amid COVID-19

Several countries have inflicted nationwide lockdown, restricting the movement of its citizens as a part of containing Coronavirus spread. People are permitted to step out only if it is an absolute necessity. This dramatic change in the lives of people has made them look for alternative solutions to fulfill their basic demands, while they stay indoors.

Businesses like food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, etc., found this opportunity as a way to keep their sales going amid the lockdown. Especially, grocery stores have taken their businesses on-demand, supplying the rising demand of end-users.

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to grab onto this opportunity, connect with us right away. We help you build an online marketplace where you can connect several grocery stores with end-users, assisting both parties to keep their needs met.

To help you launch the app in the short turnaround time, we offer ready-made, white-labeled Instacart clone apps that can be quickly customized and launched in the market. Reach us for further details!

Best Instacart Clone Script For All Business Types

Online grocery marketplace
Establish a seamless connection between several grocery stores and customers through your app. List all grocery stores available in the nearby location of users and allow them to order from the grocery store of their choice. You can manage just the delivery process, without the need to own an actual grocery store.
Single Grocery store
Business people who own a grocery store can start to offer delivery services online by launching an on-demand grocery store delivery app. They can list all products available on their store in the app, empowering users to order on-demand as per their needs. It is an excellent idea for retaining a massive customer base in the long run.
Grocery store chains
Take your chain of grocery stores present in various locations on-demand and manage them effectively for better business operations. Not only can our grocery delivery app help you connect with your customers online, but it also enables you to maintain all business activities in one convenient location.

How Does Our Instacart Clone App Work – A Detailed Breakdown

Users can order the list of groceries from any one of the grocery stores available nearby.
Once users add all needed grocery items to the cart, they can proceed to checkout and pay through any one of the payment options available.
Grocery store managers receive the order requests and start processing the order.
Once delivery executives are requested to offer their delivery service, they reach the grocery stores to pick up the respective orders.
Once the order is out for delivery, an instant notification will be sent to users. Meanwhile, delivery executives will travel to user locations.
The grocery orders will be delivered to the doorsteps of users, after which they can rate and review the quality of service availed.

What Does Our Instacart App Clone Package Include?

At UberEats Like App, we offer separate apps for users, delivery service providers, store managers, and the admin as a part of our app package solution. These apps can be launched on all app store platforms instantly, allowing end-users to access it on any digital assistant device with comfort.

Extensive offerings of our Instacart clone package include:

Customer Android App

Customer iOS App

Customer Web Panel

Delivery Executive Android App

Delivery Executive iOS App

Delivery Executive Web Panel

Store Manager Android App

Store Manager iOS App

Store Manager Web Panel

Admin Web Panel

Dispatcher Web Panel

Billing Web Panel

Grocery Ordering Website

Prime features Of Our Grocery Delivery App Solution

User sign up/log in
Customers can register with the app using their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts. They can use the registered credentials for logging in.
Instant orders
Customers can add the groceries to the cart and proceed to checkout for instant ordering.
Multiple payment modes
Customers can pay using any one of the secure payment gateways integrated with the app.
Location setup
Customers can add their delivery location to the app before they start to order the groceries.
Real-time tracking
Once the grocery order is out for delivery, customers can track the delivery executive location through the app.
Ratings and reviews
Customers can rate and review the delivery status on a scale of 1-5.
Order history
Customers will be able to view all their past orders, along with ongoing and canceled orders here.
Advanced filter/sort option
Customers can find the needed items through the quick search, sort, and filter options.
Status update
Customers will be informed about the order updates instantly through emails, SMS, or push notifications.
Delivery scheduling
Customers can schedule their deliveries for a later date in advance on the date and time of their convenience.
Delivery executives can request the admin for approval of their delivery offer request by registering with the app.
In-app notifications
Delivery executives will be notified about the delivery requests from users through instant notifications.
Order history
Delivery executives can view all delivered, ongoing, and canceled order details here.
Location setup
Customers can add their delivery location to the app before they start to order the groceries.
Accept/reject requests
Delivery executives can accept or reject a delivery request based on various factors, such as distance, fare, etc.
Earning details
Delivery executives can view their earning reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Availability toggle
Delivery executives can go online or offline based on their availability, using the toggle mode.
GPS-enabled navigation
Delivery executives are provided with the optimized route to reach the grocery stores and user locations on time.
Store profile
Store managers can add, edit, and manage the profile of their grocery stores with ease.
Accept/Reject orders
Store managers can accept or reject user orders based on the availability of products.
View feedback
Store managers will be able to view the reviews shared by customers, allowing them to keep their service quality in check.
Products list
Store managers can list all products available in their stores under various categories and subcategories.
Store managers can receive payments from the admin through the payment mode of their convenience.
Customer support
Store managers will be able to attend to customer queries related to the delivery of groceries ordered.
Update products
Store managers can edit the product quantity and update their availability status on a regular basis.
Order status
Store managers can view the status of all completed, ongoing, and canceled orders in one convenient location, along with invoice details.
Intuitive dashboard
The admin can manage the details of users, delivery executives, and grocery stores, along with the overall business activities through the powerful admin dashboard.
Manage notifications
The admin can manage the notifications that are to be sent to users through emails, SMS, or in-app options.
Offers and discounts
The admin can provide offers and discounts to users from time to time to maintain the existing user base.
Create sub-admins
The admin can create sub-admin profiles to allow other admins to manage specific business activities, restricting them from accessing other options.
Payment processing
The admin can manage all completed and ongoing payments. Also, they can process the payments to stores and delivery executives after the commission cut-down.
The admin can manage queries raised by users and settle disputes that arise among the users, delivery executives, and store managers.
Delivery radius
The admin can set the delivery radius for grocery stores and delivery executives to receive delivery requests from users.
Analytics and reports
Analytics of the business activities and reports are generated and shared with the admin regularly in order to gain insights and improve the business processes.
Users can set notifications and alerts in-app to remind them to place their monthly grocery orders on time.
Multi-currency support
The payments in the app can be processed through various currencies, allowing you to scale your business on a global level.
In-app chats/calls
Users and delivery executives can connect with one another seamlessly through in-app calls or chat options in case of any query.
Users can add the products to the wishlist section and proceed to checkout on a later date.
Multilingual option
The content of the app can be viewed in various regional languages. Users can change their language preferences in the settings section.
The admin can offer reward points to users for each successful app referral to their family and friends.

Empower Users To Place Their Grocery Orders
Through A Multitude Of Ways

We assist you in accepting grocery delivery order requests from users who connect not only through website or app solutions but also through phone calls to the admin or the grocery store managers. That way, you can offer delivery services to users who are not fond of the digital networks or who do not own smartphones. It goes a long way in expanding your user base even further.

Order requests through websites

Users can place their grocery delivery order requests through your grocery shopping website, just like they order through an app. The website will help you retain users who do not wish to have an extra app for their grocery orders.

Order requests through apps

Most of the users find it convenient to access grocery delivery services through app solutions. Help them by launching an effective grocery shopping app on both Android and iOS app platforms.

Order through phone calls to stores

Allow users to place phone calls to grocery stores to avail of grocery delivery services. Here, the grocery store managers can process the order and feed the information to the app/website to get it delivered promptly.

Order through phone calls to admin

Users can directly contact the admin via phone calls and request for the delivery of groceries required. The admin can integrate the order request into the app, process the order, and deliver it to the doorsteps of users.

A Look Into Our Instacart Clone App For Various Stakeholders

Get to know how the app looks for each stakeholder involved in your grocery delivery business here.

What Key Benefits Do Our Instacart App Clone Offer?

With a cutting-edge grocery delivery app solution onboard, you can allow your users to avail of your service with a couple of swipes and a few taps on their smartphones. You help them eliminate traffic congestion and save their time by providing your grocery delivery service to their doorsteps.

Here are some benefits offered by our app that will make your users choose your app over your competitors.

User-friendly interface
We ensure that the app has an intuitive user interface to enable users to access and navigate through the app with convenience. All major sections of the app are displayed on the homepage, empowering them to choose promptly.
Real-time tracking
The delivery executives app is integrated with a GPS-enabled navigation system. This way, they can find user locations and deliver orders on time. Along with this, users get to track the delivery person locations in real-time.
Multiple payment gateways
The app is integrated with a multitude of payment gateways, such as Stripe, PayPal, etc. so that users can pay using any one of the options that they find feasible. High-level features, as such, are vital for your app to stand apart.
Prime features integration
Our app includes top-notch features that will attract your audience’s attention in no time. Your users can set alerts on the app to remind themselves about the monthly shopping due. Also, they can schedule their grocery deliveries in advance to avoid any hassle.

Revenue Model Of Our Instacart Clone

Commission-based model
It is the most common and straightforward way of earning revenue from an on-demand grocery delivery app. You can charge restaurants a certain amount to list them on your grocery delivery app and avail of your delivery service. However, the commission costs vary from location to location, based on the demand factor.
Subscription-based model
It is yet another revenue model that is the most popular one in the current times. Here, users can subscribe to your services for a fixed price on a monthly or yearly basis. The major benefit is that you can waive off extra charges and offer discounts to your app subscribers. It can also be used alongside the commission-based model.
Delivery service charges
You can earn service charges for each successful delivery made through your app. The costs differ depending on various factors, such as time, distance, demand, and more. It can also be used together with the revenue generation models mentioned above.

Why Choose Our Instacart Clone App Development?

White-labeled solution
Our Instacart clones are white-label solutions, empowering you to replace the logo, color scheme, name, and other associated branding elements. It makes you the sole proprietor of the app.
On-time delivery
Once you get on board with us, we keep you informed on the progress of the app development regularly. Also, we ensure to deliver the fully customized app on time, as contracted.
App rejection support
We extend our support in case of app rejections. We work on the app and fix any problems to make it abide by the rules and regulations of the app store platforms and submit it for approval again.
Source codes
Based on the app development package preferred, we provide you with a 100% source code of the app. This way, you get the opportunity to edit the source codes in the future as per your changing needs.
Free server installation
Once the app development is completed, we help you in installing the source codes on your server for free of cost and make it live in a short period.
Bug support for free
We work to deliver error-free app solutions. However, we offer our support in resolving any issues that may arise after the app launch free of charge for the mentioned period.
Native app solutions
We offer native apps for both Android and iOS platforms, with all necessary features integrated. The apps will be compatible with all digital assistant devices, establishing its presence everywhere.
Free app submission
We assist you in submitting your fully functional app on Google PlayStore and iOS App Store for free.
Free maintenance support
We also offer technical assistance for a specified period for free. We help you integrate third-party software, or provide any such services during that period.

Grow Your Grocery Delivery Business With
Our Advanced Solutions

Last-mile delivery
While several businesses strive to manage the last-mile delivery of groceries, our app solutions help you in achieving them promptly. We have integrated top-notch technologies and local-based features onto the app for the same.
Data-driven insights
The app generates advanced analytics and reports on a weekly or monthly basis to help you get an overall idea about your business, with all necessary details. You can use these insights to make further enhancements in your business operations for heightened success.
Efficient services
An advanced app can help you in fastening the entire delivery operations, from ordering to reaching the doorsteps of customers on time. It helps in offering your services more efficiently than the conventional methods, weeding out unwanted operational costs.

Technology We Handle

Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology


Will you provide the source code of the app developed?

It depends on the type of app package you choose. However, we do provide the source codes to our clients so that they can customize their grocery delivery app in the future as per the changing business needs.

After the app development, will Ubereatslikeapp provide any support service?

Yes, we do provide technical support service free of cost for a limited period after the app deployment on the app stores. Once the specified period is over, you can avail of our paid support services at affordable costs.

What should I do if my app gets rejected by the app stores?

You can reach out to us right away if app stores reject your application upon submission. Most of the time, it won’t occur as we develop the app abiding by the rules and regulations of the app stores and conduct a series of testing before submitting for the app launch. However, if your app gets rejected, we check it thoroughly and fix the issue so that your app can be deployed successfully.

Do you provide a live demo of your clone solution?

Yes, we do provide a live demo of our Instacart clone app to help you get a clear understanding of its functioning. You can schedule your live demo session by connecting with our support team anytime from anywhere. They will be on standby to help get through the entire process.

What should I do if I want detailed information?

You can connect with our support team over a call – , mail – , or through the chat option available on our website for further details about the grocery app development services.

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