HungryPanda is a well-known food delivery platform specializing mainly in Chinese food. It currently functions in 9 countries across the world. The HungryPanda app has been downloaded by more than 100,000 users. It has formed a lot of profitable partnerships with local restaurants and Asian supermarkets.

HungryPanda is utilized mainly by international students and foreign workers who need access to tasty Asian food. It has been increasing its market coverage, transaction volume, and user traffic rapidly. 

Some of the latest news related to HungryPanda are

  • HungryPanda has been employing a lot of local workers in Australia and giving them higher wages and unscheduled benefits. It includes attractive gifts, extra bonuses, and health kits for Chinese students who work as part-time delivery executives for the platform. 
  • HungryPanda has promised to provide all their delivery personnel working in Australia professional insurance within one month, creating better feedback channels, distribution of awards for the best contact partners every year, and additional financial incentives. 
  • It offered groceries at half the price for Chinese customers for China’s new year on February 12, 2021. HungryPanda also distributed dinner sets and exclusive reunion dinner packages for Chinese users. 
  • The demand for Chinese food delivered by HungryPanda in Australia grew by a whopping 383% in 2020. 
  • The total order value grew by 600% in the United States of America. 
  • Keeping in mind the dangers of contacting Covid-19, HungryPanda introduced contactless delivery options for customers in 47 cities. 

Interesting insights from HungryPanda’s Trends Report in 2020

  • Australian users mostly opted for authentic street food dishes and spicy food like duck meat porridge, vermicelli soup, and tea egg. 
  • Customers in the USA demanded steamed chicken with chilli sauce, Haidilao hotspot, and Mala Xiang Guo (a mix of meat and vegetables). 
  • Canada users were big consumers of non-veg dishes like pork bone soup and beef soup. 
  • Consumers in the United Kingdom demanded steamed chicken, shredded pork, and boiled beef. 
  • Nations like France and New Zealand were similar in their taste ordering food items like meat, vegetables, beer, and tea the most. 

What is the HungryPanda clone?

  • It is a ready-made and customized food delivery solution that can be quickly launched in the market. 
  • The HungryPanda clone package includes Android and iOS apps for the customers, delivery executives, and a robust admin panel.

What are the notable features of the Food Delivery App like HungryPanda?

Access to a wide variety of Chinese restaurants – serving different types of cuisines and the leading Chinese supermarkets. Japanese and Korean food is also available on the platform. 

The provision of 24×7 customer support by a dedicated after-sales team in numerous languages to handle any kind of issue faced by the users. 

The availability of exciting discounts and vouchers for customers to reduce their total bill. 

Acceptance of multiple payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, and online bank transfers ensures smooth fund settlement by the users. Alipay and WeChat Pay are also accepted from the customers. 

Exclusive red envelopes are issued in case the customers opt for a takeaway of their food. Discounts will be given whenever red envelopes are used. 

An advanced search and filter option – Various cuisines can be easily searched by the users by entering the keyword, price, type (vegetarian or non-vegetarian), and the name of the restaurant. 

A reordering facility – Customers who wish to order the same cuisine again need not enter each item manually on the platform like HungryPanda. 

Access to advanced analytical reports for the adminThe admin will get plenty of information about the most-ordered food on the platform, preferred ordering time, revenue, expenses, profits, cash flow, and user ratings. This helps in making better business decisions in the future. 

Other special features available in the HungryPanda clone to curb the spread of Covid-19

  • A rating and review system to evaluate the overall safety during the process of food delivery to the customers. 
  • Instruct the delivery executives to wear face masks and gloves always.
  • Mandatory temperature checks of all the restaurant staff and the delivery personnel. 
  • Issue safety badges for Covid-19 compliant restaurants.
  • An automatic recognition software to detect the use of facemasks.

How to build a cutting-edge on-demand delivery app like HungryPanda

  • Focus more on fulfilling the needs of overseas customers as they will mostly require home food. 
  • Conduct a detailed market survey to find out the most preferred dishes and accordingly tie-up with well-known restaurants. 
  • Include multilingual technical support apart from the Mandarin language.
  • Hire experienced delivery executives to ensure timely order fulfillment.
  • Establish a 24×7 customer support team who must be available in different mediums like phone, chat, and email. This will help the food delivery app to boost the user retention rate. 
  • Apart from food delivery, add a grocery delivery feature which would benefit housewives and working professionals immensely. 
  • Add all the features to your on-demand delivery app and test it extensively. 
  • Launch an app like HungryPanda in the market at the most appropriate time to make maximum business traction.


Final Thoughts

The online food delivery market is expected to cross a whopping $151 billion in 2021, propelled by smartphone usage and rapid penetration of the Internet. The Chinese market will pocket a sizable share with an expected revenue generation of $56.936 billion this year. Hence, the conditions are highly favorable to develop the HungryPanda clone and to witness resounding success soon. 

Initiate the creation of a Food delivery app like HungryPanda now

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