Mobile apps are ruling the business industry. There existed a time when mobiles were used only for the sake of calling and texting; it’s a whole different story now. 

Today, smartphones are used for multifarious activities by various people.  To a person who’s obsessed with games, a mobile is as a game console and to businessmen, it’s a tool to earn money and so on. It is clear that building an app is one of the finest ways to make money in a short span of time. Some may think of apps as petty gizmos for wasting time but it is actually not. If they understand how apps are earning revenue in millions, they wouldn’t say that apps are insignificant. 

Most applications make money either from in-app purchases or advertising. A very few apps charge for the initial download. Most apps are free to download. Anyone with a creative & unique idea can enter the lucrative world of on-demand applications with a few thousand dollars. The success of app-based startups is a witness for it. 

A lot of instances have affirmed that apps are a huge source of revenue. They make developers extremely rich in a short span of time. Uber, Instagram, and Whatsapp are a few examples. Apps are huge warehouses of profits. According to a report, it has been found out that people have spent billions of dollars in the App Store in 2013. Many entrepreneurs are now interested in entering the lucrative on-demand sector with an advanced app. They are working with developers and app development companies to come up with the next big thing in the market. 

There are multiple apps. Some apps help people to book cabs at the tap of a button and some help order food to doorsteps. Others act as a payment portal, allowing users to pay on multiple platforms and there are also apps that help us find a partner for us in a five-block radius. 

Whatever service you can imagine, there’s an app for that. How convenient would it be if you can get everything from a single application? Super apps is the magic word which helps users avail multiple services in a single solution. The Indonesian startup Gojek is the right example for that. Popularly hailed as a mammoth of multiservice, Gojek has 25 million monthly users, 3860 trips in a minute, 1 million drivers, raised 3.1 billion and its value is estimated to reach $11 billion in its recent funding. 

There exists a fierce competition in developing a successful application and there’s no assurity that a well-equipped app with a creative UI brings success. Thus, entrepreneurs encounter difficulties in developing an advanced app for their business.  Gojek Like App Development is indeed a daunting task as it is a compilation of multiple services in a single solution. A multiservice business is difficult to handle and it needs more focus to maintain the business and an app is the right business tool to handle everything smoothly. 

How to create an app like Gojek?

Apps are present everywhere and the majority of people use multiple apps per day. It would have been easier for them if they can order everything from one application. It helps them save time. And there’s a huge demand for such apps. The umbrella term for such apps is ‘Super Apps.’ We Chat is an example of a Super app. 

The most significant thing about creating a multiservice app is to add multiple services in the app to make it a great hit in the market. Apps can be built in two ways, you can either build an application from scratch or you can get clone apps at an affordable price. 

Gojek clone app provides services under three categories – Ride, Deliveries and Other Services. 

Many companies are offering clone applications and you have to find the right app development company that suits your business needs. Let’s have a look at some of the important features you should include in your application. 


It allows the users to update their detailed profile and edit their profiles according to their wish. They can make changes to it at any time. 

Saved address

The user can enter multiple addresses in the same application and they don’t have to re-enter the address every time they go for a ride. 

Schedule bookings

It allows the user to commute daily at a routine time and it allows them to perform booking in advance. 

Booking records

It keeps a record of users’ trip destinations, the cost of trips, and other detailed information. It helps the user to find information about their previous trips. 

Multiple payment methods

This feature allows users to pay through multiple modes of payment such as card, cash or any other eCommerce payment applications. 

Rate card

If the user is unsure of the distance traveled, the rate card can give a rate that corresponds to the distance travelled. 

Trip rate estimator

It helps the user to calculate the approximate trip fare based on the distance traveled. 

Promo code

It allows the user of the app to enjoy more discounts and offers, it helps the admin to add more users to their app. 


If you’re interested in launching an app for your business, get your Gojek clone with us right away.

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