Technology keeps blowing us away with the way it underpins human innovations. Entrepreneurs consistently pushed their boundaries, broke the conventions, and implemented ideas. Today, from cuddling services to online tutoring, everything is possible through the internet.

There are numerous on-demand services available but food delivery is the apple of the on-demand economy’s eye. And of course, it deserves to be because it is the key contributor in terms of revenue.

When we were rejoicing the introduction of on-demand service apps, Gojek went overboard by providing more than 18 services in a single application. Similarly, why stop with just being a restaurant aggregator when pivoting will bring in a wide user base and more revenue?

Below are a few services related to food and delivery, which can help with scaling a business.

Recipe and ingredients delivery: This could be a meal kit delivery service or delivery of fresh vegetables or spices used for cooking. See what works for you and your users before integrating the service. To offer this service, a warehouse will be required or you can partner with a company that offers similar services as mentioned earlier.

  • Workflow: The user will click on this category on the home screen to go ahead and choose the ingredients they want. The ingredients are picked, packed, and sent for delivery.

Pick up from the restaurant: This feature will allow the user to go to the restaurant and pick up the food that was ordered instead of having it delivered to a location. Though this feature is of no use to the delivery executives, it still enables users to use your app; a method to keep customers intact.

  • Workflow: Provide an option to pick up the food from a restaurant. Once the food is ready, the user collects it.

Table-booking service: Again, this feature doesn’t involve delivery services but hey, we are looking at an app that moves away from this model. From star hotels to cozy cafes, users will be able to book a table and reserve it for a later time.

  • Workflow: After choosing a restaurant, the users will have an option, ‘book table’ to make prior bookings for a specified time, date, and number of people.

Loved these ideas? Have more? Get in touch with us to get a sophisticated and tailor-made Seamless clone app with zero time to market.

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