Tried and Tested Trend

Food delivery is a growing business and the advancing technology is expected to propel the industry to further heights. The ease with which a user can browse through food options and the speed of delivery combined with real-time tracking has fuelled the popularity of food delivery apps like UberEats. Easily accessible user reviews and restaurant ratings help you make better choices every single time and advanced machine learning makes the process easier. The trend of online food ordering is expected to grow in the coming years with more people joining the bandwagon every day. Your best bet to profit from this growing trend is to start your own food delivery app based on the UberEats business model.

The building blocks

The development cost for an app like UberEats will depend on many factors like the basic design, developer charges, number of features, geographic area and native platforms among many others. An UberEats like app will have two different apps with different functions. One, for the users, to browse through the restaurants and featured menus and another app for the providers to accept orders for delivery. The design is of utmost importance for both apps as an easy-to-use interface is necessary for functionality and mass acceptance. Maintenance and bug fixes are needed from time to time to ensure smooth functioning without lags. A real-time web app is as essential as a strong core using languages like JavaScript, Python or Ruby. A single reliable database system is crucial to store all the user data and the apps must be compatible with native iOS and Android platforms.

Quality – an investment

User experience is a vital key to the success of any app, especially a food delivery app that may be used multiple times in a day. A well-rounded app with state-of-the-art features, aesthetic design, seamless user interface and dedicated support ensures a smooth experience for the users and subsequent popularity. The cost for an UberEats clone app may differ upon the integration and complexity of the above-mentioned factors but a well-executed and quality app is guaranteed to return that investment in the long run.

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