The complete automation of food delivery services is still in the making. While the process of ordering has transformed digitally, other networks like preparing and delivering food involve human intervention. Needless to say, when humans are involved, mistakes are bound to occur. Entrepreneurs are approaching app development companies to initiate their UberEats like App Development. But what they fail to notice is that there are thousands of food delivery apps launched every month. However, only a handful of those apps are gaining a positive reception among the audience.

So, what do these entrepreneurs and apps lack? One of the critical aspects to be kept in mind while developing an app like UberEats is uniqueness. A considerable number of apps fail to introduce variety or differences from other apps. Now, what difference can one bring about with a food delivery app? As mentioned earlier, the system needs automation. What if you can deliver food orders through drones? Can your food delivery platform be the pioneer for the next wave of revolution? This blog provides quality insights as to how delivery drones can be deployed to improve the efficiency of an UberEats Clone App.

What are delivery drones?

Delivery drones are autonomous, aerial, unmanned vehicles capable of transporting packages from one place to another. Drones are gaining limelight in the modern world as they are safe, quick, and involve less human interference.

What is the current progress with delivery drones?

  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), until 2016, had imposed a ban on using commercial drones for delivery purposes in the US.
  • However, in 2016, the FAA issued regulations to allow the use of commercial drones for deliveries.
  • The giants of the industry, Amazon, Walmart, and Google have all begun to experiment with this effective delivery system.
  • Amazon is currently working on the ‘Prime Air’ project to deliver goods to customers via drones within 30 minutes.
  • The famous mail service company, DHL, has initiated the use of drones to deliver blood samples and medicine to remote islands and mountain towns.

It is clear from the above statements that while companies have made significant progress, the market for drone delivery is still unexplored. If you can connect the final pieces of the puzzle, your platform can be the next big thing of the modern era.

How bright is the future for drone deliveries?

The increase in digitization with each passing day is foreseeing a sound future for drone deliveries. The market for drone deliveries is growing exponentially.

According to a report by MarketsAndMarkets,

  • The global market for drone package delivery is growing with a healthy CAGR of 44.7% between 2019 and 2025.
  • The sector will reach a significant value of $2.1 billion in 2023 and $27.4 billion by 2030, growing with a CAGR of 44.7% during the period.
  • One of the main attributes contributing to the growth of drones deliveries is the quick delivery services and reduced carbon emissions.
  • With developed nations like China and Japan steering drone shipments, the market expects a steep growth in the coming years.

If you are planning to invest in drone delivery services, there cannot be an ideal time than this to capitalize upon.

What are the benefits of drone deliveries?

Any service with enticing benefits is expected to stay and flourish for years to come. Now, let’s glance at some of the benefits of drone delivery systems here,

  • Reduced roadway congestion: Traffic and roadways go hand in hand. One of the main reasons for the delay in delivery of food orders is due to the enhanced traffic. According to a recent survey by the SupplyChainBrain, almost 55% of the respondents admitted that they would stop shopping if they receive a late delivery two to three times. Drones use the airway means, avoiding traffic delays of food orders to the fullest.
  • Environmental safety: Excessive use of automobiles for deliveries can lead to enhanced emissions of greenhouse gases, leading to pollution and environmental degradation. Using technologically advanced drones can reduce carbon emissions drastically.
  • Minimizing maintenance costs: The fleet maintenance costs are reduced to a noticeable extent if drones replace the automobile delivery chain. Besides, the prices for fuels like gasoline or diesel are also eliminated with drone deliveries.
  • Enhanced safety: It is a well-known fact that roadways can lead to various complications like accidents and conflicts compared to other modes of transportation. By introducing drone deliveries, you can not only boost the safety of delivery products but also the personnel who offer services for you.

What are the limitations of drone delivery services?

It is quite common that introducing a new delivery system comes with several hurdles, as well. Some of the limitations include,

  • Limited weights of packages: Being lighter vehicles, drones have the limitation to carrying the packages of limited weights alone. If the orders are too heavy to be delivered, you may need another delivery chain as a backup.
  • Collision avoidance: With the increase in the number of drones from various companies, you may be required to follow airspace control regulations to avoid drone collisions.
  • Small battery capacity: Most of the drones run on batteries that need to be recharged after a few hours. As a result, distant deliveries are not possible and suitable through drones.
  • Climatic conditions: It is difficult to operate or deploy drones during bad weather or variable wind conditions. Besides, the situation becomes quite challenging during unpredictable events, as well.
  • Identifying drop-off locations: In a densely populated area, it is difficult for drones to locate customers’ precise locations. A small change in the delivery address could mean packages are dropped at some other sites rather than the actual places.


How do drone deliveries scale the food delivery platform?

Most of the UberEats Clone Development Services aim to achieve uniqueness and gain a massive reception among the target audience. By implementing drone deliveries, you can lure the customers towards your online platform. Some of the perks of instilling drone deliveries include,

  • The long dream of achieving last-mile delivery is very much possible with this delivery chain.
  • The delivery chain enhances the efficiency of the system and reduces the overall time taken for food deliveries.
  • You can eliminate fixed operating hours of your platform and offer services as long as restaurants are ready to take up food orders.


Automating the system is crucial for two main aspects; one, reducing the overall time, and two, improving productivity. The potential market is still unexplored, and entrepreneurs can capitalize on this demanding situation.

Reach out to UberEatslikeApp, tell us your visions about your food delivery platform, and we’ll transform them into a top-notch, highly reliable UberEats Clone app.

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