• Nothing can beat the satisfaction of a delicious meal as it fulfills the taste buds of foodies completely. HelloFresh is one of the leading meal delivery platforms that offer a variety of dishes based on pre-portioned ingredients.
  • It offers different benefits like personalized chef-curated recipes, flexibility in delivery, on-time distribution of meals ensuring a stress-free dining experience, usage of recyclable packing materials, and provision of diet-friendly meals.
  • HelloFresh is also promoting sustainability in its operations by significantly reducing carbon emissions and food waste, and also using solar energy and wind energy.
  • 2020 was a landmark year for the HelloFresh platform as it crossed a whopping 5.3 million customers, earned a revenue of 3.7 billion euros, and delivered a humongous 600 million meals. It expects a 20 to 25% growth rate in 2021.

What is the meaning of the HelloFresh clone platform?

  • It is a ready-made and customized meal delivery platform. Advanced technologies like PHP, MySQL, JavaScript,
  • Apache, HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap are utilized for cutting-edge development.
  • The HelloFresh clone consists of well-functioning Android and iOS apps for customers, chefs, delivery executives, and a robust admin panel.
  • It offers different meal plans to the users like meat and veggies, 100% veggies, calorie-smart meals (650 calories) each, quick and easy meals (minimum cooking time), and pescatarian meals (a mix of veggie and seafood).
  • The meal plans are available for either 2 or 4 persons at a time with a range of 2-5 recipes per week.

The fabulous features of the Meal kit delivery platform are

  • Flexible pricing – The cost of the meals increase if there are more number of people to be served. $8.99 to $12.49 is charged for 1 and 2 servings. A rate of $7.49 to $8.99 is charged per serving for 4 customers. An extra shipping cost of $8.99 is levied per box.
  • Provision of exclusive gift cards – Digital gift cards can be shared by the existing users of the Hellofresh clone with their family members and friends. The cost of the 4 different gift cards is $65, $82, $100, and $130 respectively. Bulk gift cards can also be purchased in units of 50 by corporate companies for distributing them to their employees.
  • Availability of special discounts – Recognizing the noteworthy contribution made by healthcare workers in battling the Covid-19 crisis, the Meal kit delivery platform offers a flat 50% discount on the first meal box ordered and a 15% discount on the remaining boxes ordered in a year.
  • Modification of menus – The customers will always be interested to taste new dishes and the restaurants can do that by changing the menu every week. Users can go for pure vegetarian meals, low carb, and low-calorie options too. The full menu contains 22 different dishes.
  • Acceptance of multiple payment methods – All the major debit cards and credit cards like Visa, American, Discover, and Mastercard are accepted from the customers. Users can also make payments for delivered meals via PayPal.
  • Presence of 24×7 customer support – A dedicated Help Center proficient in many languages is available round-the-clock via phone and live chat.
  • A reordering option – The details of the previous order history is stored securely on the Hellofresh like food delivery app. Customers can do hassle-free reordering of the same meals instead of manually entering each item into their order carts.
  • Access to real-time analytical reports – The admin of the meal kit delivery platform can get the latest information about total orders processed, cancelled orders, the most common meals ordered by the customers, revenue, expenses, and profits. Hence, they can make the best business decisions in the interest of the delivery app.
  • A social media login option – Apart from the usual sign-up options like email address and phone number provided to the users, social media integration option with the leading platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is also available.
  • Sharing of instant notifications – All the latest information about the meals to be delivered, location of the delivery executive, discounts, and offers are shared with the customers through SMS, email, and push notifications.

The detailed process involved in the creation of the Hellofresh clone is

  • Determining the business requirements – of the firm by analyzing the operational scope and business model beforehand.
  • Business analysts will conduct an extensive market study – that includes in-depth competitor analysis and preparing a result-oriented go-to-market strategy.
  • The UI/UX team prepares a layout for the food delivery app – by curating a Proof of Concept (POC) and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • The mobile app developers will add the necessary features – to the meal kit delivery platform.
  • The testing team verifies if the food delivery solution is performing – in conformance with the set expectations. Unit testing, regression testing, speed testing, security testing, load testing, stress testing, and server load balancing will be done to remove all technical bugs and vulnerabilities.
  • The delivery app will be aggressively marketed – through social media networks, search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, paid advertisements, online forums, and content marketing.
  • The Hellofresh clone solution is officially launched – in the market at the most appropriate time to receive more business traction from the target audience.
  • The meal kit delivery platform will be expanded – to new cities and towns in the future based on user feedback and the business goals of the entrepreneur.

Final Thoughts

Food delivery apps have prospered in the digital era despite heavy competition in the market and a severe economic downturn. The Hellofresh clone is a welcome addition to the food delivery industry that is focussing more on customized meal kits now. Hence, invest in the game-changing meal kit delivery platform now and experience resounding success soon.

Initiate the creation of a state-of-the-art Hellofresh clone

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