On-demand Grocery Delivery App Solution

With most nations under lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis, it is time for you to extend your grocery delivery services to help users access their daily essentials, along with gaining your exclusive user base. Our ready-made Grofers clone app comes with all premium features included to ensure user safety, as part of our measures to contain the virus spread.

Vital features, such as contactless delivery, single store delivery, scheduled delivery, and more, will help your app stand apart from other businesses in your niche. Reach us to get started with the app development now!

What is Grofers Clone?

Grofers Clone – Simplified

Grofers clones are ready-made app solutions that are integrated with all pivotal features needed to captivate user attention. Here, the app allows users to promptly place their grocery orders with just a few taps and a couple of swipes on their smartphones. Users are also notified instantly on the status of their orders and allowed to track them once they are out for delivery.

Businesses like food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, etc., found this opportunity as a way to keep their sales going amid the lockdown. Especially, grocery stores have taken their businesses on-demand, supplying the rising demand of end-users.

Our solutions are known to acquire maximum user retention in a short period due to the convenience coupled with the latest technology. Several entrepreneurs and businesses have profited by integrating our clones into their existing system or launching their specialized delivery app services. With its robust functionality and cutting-edge features, these solutions are assured to revolutionize the grocery industry in the coming years.

Contact us to be a part of this emerging business trend and earn instant success!

Why launch a Grofers like app?

Rise Of Grocery Delivery Apps: Why Should You Launch One?

Grofers is one of the leading on-demand grocery delivery apps operating in over 25 major cities of India. Begun in 2013, the giant has managed to gain a massive user base in the quickest turnaround time due to its speedy delivery service and top-notch customer support.

The business has also empowered users to access the app in their regional languages, helping people from all sectors of the society to use the app with comfort. The giant is working on expanding its market to further locations by its effective business operations. The success rate of such grocery delivery businesses has inspired startups and large companies to invest in a similar business venture to gain high returns.

If you are one such business person looking for a reliable mobile app development partner for your app development, we are here to help! We offer white-label, on-demand app solutions that can help you get the most out of your grocery business at reasonable prices. Connect with us to discuss further details.

Launch A Grocery App In This Coronavirus Breakdown With Our Grofers Clone

The spread of the Coronavirus pandemic has caused several nations to impose lockdown to restrict their citizens from stepping out of their homes. Governments have requested the people to shift to online platforms to meet their daily demands. All these transformations have pushed the general public to get used to availing delivery services at their doorsteps.

The existing delivery businesses have enforced certain safety regulations for the delivery executives to follow, as a step to contain the virus spread. Also, they have integrated several key features into their apps to promote user safety.

Delivery of essentials like groceries is emerging as a successful business in this pandemic season. Join the thriving sector with our readily available Grofers clone right away. The solution comes with features such as contactless delivery, scheduled delivery, and more, assuring the safety of both delivery personnel and users.

Over time, you will gain a massive user base who will remain when everything returns to normalcy. If you wish to invest in a business that can strive even in such frightening times, then grocery delivery is your go-to business.

How Does Our Grofers Clone App Work?

Sample TextOur advanced Grofers clone app solution follows the workflow, as mentioned below.

Users can search for grocery stores available near their locations.


The store managers will process the orders received and get them ready for delivery.


Users can add the list of groceries needed to the cart. Once done, they can proceed to checkout and pay through any one of the secure payment modes.


The delivery executives will travel to the grocery stores and pick up the processed order. Then, they travel to customer locations for doorstep grocery delivery.


Once order requests are received, our app solution forwards them to the respective grocery store managers and delivery personnel.


After receiving their orders from delivery executives, users can rate and review their delivery experience.

Our Grofers Clone App Package

Our grocery app development package includes separate apps and panels for all the stakeholders involved to enable the business to function seamlessly. These apps are compatible with all personal digital assistants and are available on both Google and iOS platforms.

Our app package includes:

Main Website

Delivery Personnel Android App

Customer Android App

Delivery Personnel iOS App

Customer iOS App

Delivery Personnel Web Panel

Customer Web Panel

Store Manager Android App

Features Of Our White-label Grofers Clone

Signup/ Log in

Customers can register with the app, using their mail IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts. They can use the same credentials for logging in.

Manage addresses

Customers can add multiple delivery locations to the app and choose them accordingly when placing their orders.

Advanced search

Customers can search for the groceries they need using the filter and sort option.

Add to cart

Customers can browse groceries and add the needed ones to the cart.

Place order

After choosing the required list of groceries, customers can proceed to checkout and place the order.

Payment modes

Customers can pay using any one of the multiple payment gateways integrated into the app.

Track orders

Customers can track the status of their orders using the GPS-enabled tracking system.

Ratings & Reviews

Customers can rate and review the delivery service availed to keep the service quality in check.

Schedule in advance

Customers can schedule their grocery deliveries for a later date, as per their convenience.


Customers can repeat their past orders, using the reorder option

Easy registration

Delivery executives can register with the app using their phone numbers or email IDs to offer their delivery service.

Verify documents

Delivery executives can upload documents for verification on the app. Upon approval, they can start to offer their service.

Availability status

Delivery executives can turn on or off their delivery service, using the toggle mode.

Order requests

Delivery executives are notified about the order requests. They can accept or reject it as per their convenience.

Navigation system

Delivery executives are directed to user locations via the in-app navigation available in the app.

Optimized route

Delivery executives are provided with optimized routes to reach user locations on time.

Earnings report

Delivery executives can view their earnings on a daily, monthly, or annual basis.

Multiple deliveries

Delivery executives can manage several orders that are to be delivered to nearby locations at a time.

Availability status

Store managers can update the online or offline status of the grocery stores in the availability toggle.

Product listing

Store managers can list the products available on the grocery store under various categories and subcategories.

Manage store info

Store managers can manage and update their store details in the app.

Process orders

Store managers can process the orders that they receive and get it ready for delivery.

Track delivery executives

Once the order is out for delivery, store managers can track the delivery executives till the order completion.

Order details

Store managers can view all completed, on-going, and canceled order details here.

Customer support

Store managers can respond to user queries as they reach out to the stores.


Store managers can offer their products at a discounted price, for increasing their sales.

Intuitive dashboard

The admin can manage the details of users, store managers, and delivery executives, along with overall app activities through the powerful dashboard.

Manage orders

The admin can manage all orders, from order placement to delivery, along with their invoice details.

Manage payments

The admin can process payments to stores and delivery executives, after the commission cut-down

Offers & Discounts

The admin can provide offers and discounts to app users, to captivate more customers to the platform.

Referral program

The admin can offer reward points to users for each successful app referral.

Reports & Analytics

Advanced reports and analytics are present to the admin to make informed business decisions.

Advanced Features

Delivery radius
The admin can set up a delivery radius for grocery stores so that they can receive order requests only within the specified region.
In-app chat/calls
Stakeholders involved in the system can connect seamlessly through in-app communication available in the app.
Customers can add products to their favorites for purchasing them on a later date.
Take away
Customers can place their grocery orders through the app and pick up from the stores themselves.
Customers can set alerts to remind them on their monthly shopping schedule.
Contact-free delivery
Customers can collect their orders without coming in contact with the delivery executives, benefiting both parties.

The Revenue Model Of Our Grofers Clone App

Commission-Based Model

It is the most straightforward revenue model of the grocery delivery business. Here, you can earn commissions from products’ prices for its delivery. You can set the commission percentage based on the popularity of the products and their demand among your users.

Subscription-Based Model

The subscription fee is the major revenue stream used by several businesses to generate income. In this model, users can subscribe to the delivery services for a fixed price on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. As an added advantage, users can get premium services like 2-hours delivery, scheduled delivery, or extra offers and discounts. This model can be used together with the commission-based model for increased profits.

Service Charges Model

Apps owned by individual grocery stores can benefit the most from this revenue model. Here, the users can avail of the delivery services by paying delivery fees. It can also be used with subscription-based delivery services for higher gains.

A Glimpse Into Our Grocery App Solution – App sneak-peek

Catch a sneak peek of our app solutions from the below screenshots.

Our Process Of Launching Your Grofers Clone Solution

We follow a four-step formula to launch a successful delivery app business in the quickest time possible at reasonable costs.


Demo apps for real-time testing

We have deployed our demo app solutions to the app stores to help you get a clear picture of our app functioning. You can download these demo apps on your mobile device anytime and go through them for a better view.


Language and currency preferences

Our applications support multiple languages and currencies of various countries. Tell us the language and currency you wish to include in your app, and we integrate it right away, allowing you to launch your business on a global scale


Server and app store deployment

Along with clone app and customization services, we also assist you in launching the app on the server of your choice and major app platforms – Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


App rejection support

By any chance, if your app launched on the app stores gets rejected, we offer support to make required changes and relaunch them on the available app platforms at the earliest without any additional charges.

Why Choose Our Ready-made Grofers Clone App?

24x7 Technical support
At Ubereatslikeapp, we provide technical assistance post-development free of cost for a limited period. This way, you can run your business without any hindrance.
100% Customizable solution
Our Grofers clone script can be customized as per your business requirements. You can also remodel the application in the future, as per your preference.
White-labeled Product
Our white-label Grofers clone allows you to rebrand its logo, name, color scheme, and other associated elements, making you the app’s sole proprietor
High-end Solution
The Grofers like app is built with the most advanced tools and technologies, enabling it to offer top-notch performance and boost the efficiency of your business.
We offer ready-made solutions, along with customization services at budget-friendly prices, to transform your unique ideas into a profitable business venture.
The Grofers clone solutions that we offer are ready-made products that can be personalized and launched in the market in the shortest turnaround time.

Technology We Handle

Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology


Do you provide technical support post-launch of the app?

Yes. We do provide post-launch technical assistance free of charge for a limited time. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance support solutions at affordable prices.

How many users and delivery executives can use the app at a time?

There is no limit for users and delivery executives using the app at a time. The app is built with cutting-edge technology so that any number of people can access the app without facing any glitches.

Will you support adding third-party software to the app?

Absolutely. We study your app development requirements, list down the third-party software needed, and integrate them into the app during the development phase.

Is your clone script flexible enough to personalize?

Yes. Our clone scripts are readily customizable and highly scalable solutions. Hence, you can modify it anytime as per changing customer preferences.

Does the app offer multilingual support?

Yes. The app can support several languages, empowering users to choose the one based on their preferences. They also provide multi-currency support. Both these features will allow you to level up your grocery delivery business on a global scale.

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