Managing restaurants is a big deal these days. This is because of the increased competition in the market with more players. Now, the restaurants are left with no option rather than revamping their business.

Revamping does not mean changing the entire operation. Restaurants can also partner with successful restaurant chains and adapt their business model for their restaurant. Now, you might wonder how it is possible? The following passages of the blog will give you a clear idea about what Franchise management means.

Franchise management in restaurants 

In general terms, franchise management refers to a term involving two persons- franchisee and franchisor. The franchisor is the one who permits the franchisee to adopt its brand name and business model on specific terms and conditions. The franchisor will sign the legal contracts on account of certain diseases.

Unlike other businesses, in restaurants also the franchising concept exists. Restaurants will approach popular restaurants and request them to permit the usage of their brand name. This will help the restaurants to earn more revenue and also to build their brand image. Many restaurant chains globally have adopted this whereby they accept the restaurants to use their brand name and logo. 

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What is franchise management software?

The franchise kind of restaurant business involves two different business models participating under a single business. However, there are high chances of leading to issues and challenges. The franchisor is the actual owner of this business idea. In return, he/she has every right to know about the business performance and look at the restaurant’s operations. A franchise management software is a must-to-have for these types of business models. 

The franchise management software provides a platform for both the franchisor and franchisee to discuss their business operations like marketing, sales, branding, CRM, inventory management, reporting and analytics. The software operates on cooperation between the franchisor and franchisee. The franchisor has an agreement to overlook the operations of the restaurants along with the franchisee. 


The franchise software will pre-set the rules and regulations. The franchisor will get to monitor the real-time analysis and streamlining and exercise control over the franchisees. The software will capture and store market data for further analysis of the market. 

However, the franchisees will also benefit from the software. They can use the software for the automation of their operations and track their business performances. The best part of the franchise management software is connecting multiple franchise sites through integrated communication. 

Essential aspects covered in franchise management software

Inventory and supply chain management 

The franchise management software will provide access to know about the inventory data. This helps you to forecast the inventory levels of the restaurants. The purchase orders will also be placed to replenish the stocks of the inventory. This software will also help the business keep track of the supply chain stocks from order placement to stock replenishments, allowing the franchisor to see the business’s current position.

Customer relationship management 

In the restaurant business, it is essential to manage good relationships with the customers. As it will result in customer retention and the customers will prefer visiting your restaurants in large numbers. 

The franchise management software will provide options like customer registration, customer loyalty and customer information lookup. This will help the restaurants to attract more customers to your restaurant.

Process management 

The franchise management software will inspect the functions and operations of all the franchise units to audit them. The primary parameter of auditing is to check the standards and checklists of the restaurants. Through this software, you can also take historic data and important data from your restaurant outlets.

The software will also help track the data, accounts, employee data and performance, inventory data, and point of sale data.

Employee data and performance

The franchise management software plays a significant role in helping the franchisors know how the restaurants operate and employee performance. This is one of the essential aspects of the software.

Benefits of a franchise management software

  • Low upfront costs

Unlike the traditional software, you can pay for your cloud-based franchise software every month. This makes it priceless for the software provider as you will only pay for what you need, and you save a great deal of money through this.

  • Efficient setup

With the help of the internet, you can log in to your secure cloud solution from any place and devices. Employing this software at your workplace is very simple as it does not involve any large computers, towers and bit set up tables. The franchisor and franchisee can log in to the software using devices like their tab or mobile phones.

  • Increases data security 

The franchise management software is confidential and can assure you that all your stored data will be 100 per cent secure and safe. In case of any disasters, you can quickly transfer your data to the local library, computer, or smartphone. Through those devices, you can log in to view your restaurant operations.

Wrapping up,

Franchise management is quite common in restaurant businesses. Many popular restaurant chains have given franchises to other restaurants. But the franchisors should be made sure that the franchisees appropriately manage their brand names. 

This franchise management software will help the franchisor manage and track the restaurant’s operations. Hence, many franchises have opted for this option to monitor their businesses.

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