Delivery service is a job that reminds us instantly of a postman delivering letters. When communication through letters was significant and on the rise, the demand for postmen increased, similarly now, food delivery is on demand. With technology and smartphones being part and parcel of our routine, apps that satisfy and meet our daily requirements rose.

Mobile apps were originally offered as information retrieval tools such as calendars, e-mail, and weather information but the market has expanded tremendously due to users’ demand. One of it which led to a huge business opportunity is food and food delivery.

The food delivery apps initially just maintained two processes, that is, taking orders and delivering the food. But we can never be satisfied, can we? In a good way, that led to a lot of updates and improvement in the business and that’s how Uber revolutionized food delivery with its UberEats app.

What are the benefits of having an app?

The number of smartphone users is projected to grow from 2.1 billion to somewhere around 2.5 billion in 2019 and the internet is used by more than 3.2 billion people. An app would be one way to bring these people altogether.

Starting from reading news in the morning to set up an alarm for the next day, technology has become an integral part of our lives. Apps were invented to make few tasks easy and are considered an effective way to do our work.

Today, every entrepreneur who owns a restaurant or a bistro needs an app of their own as it bridges the restaurant and the customers. Customers and the admin can both keep track of the orders they’ve placed to avoid blunders.

What are the challenges faced when an app is created?

The challenges include,

  • Researching to find out your audience, market, and target
  • Building a UI/UX app
  • Checking for its efficiency
  • Making it available for the people

There are a lot of efforts, time and investment that has to go into the making of a perfect app that will suit all your business requirements. And when it is out for the public, it shouldn’t have any glitches that can shatter all your efforts.

Why go through all of this when UberEats Like App is wanting to take all the gruesome challenges for you?

UberEats Like App, the best for the clone app development, why?

The easiest way to launch a business is through buying a clone app. The UberEats Like App is a clone app development company and has many successful clients across the globe. All the aforementioned challenges faced by the developers are easily negated by the team of seasoned professionals of UberEats Like App. They have the adept knowledge and deliver the product completely white-labeled.

What do they offer?

Amazing services and features for the app, white-labeled, turnkey solution, a powerful admin dashboard and more. They offer plenty of features for the user, admin, restaurant and the delivery employees.

  • Admin Dashboard – Effortless control everything
  • Advanced Analytics – Such as charts, stats, history, detailed analysis
  • Review Rating & Booking – place the reviews
  • Banner management – Update whenever you want easily
  • Secure Payment – Make transactions hassle-free
  • Login with Social media/e-mail – Easy login through Facebook or Google
  • Nearby Restaurant – Check out all the restaurants around a particular location
  • Multiple Categories – A lot of options and categories in restaurants, cuisines, and offers
  • Product Details – Details about the restaurants and the food will be provided
  • Login with Social media/e-mail – Easy login through Facebook or Google
  • Order Pickup – Order picked up from the restaurant
  • Payment – Easy way of receiving payments
  • Add to cart – Add the deliveries to the cart
  • Dashboard – Control everything easily with the most advanced and user-friendly dashboard
  • Dispatcher to Accept/Reject Order – The restaurant can accept or reject the incoming order.
  • View Deliveries – View all the deliveries made

With such a feature-rich app any entrepreneur running a food delivery business will be top notch. UberEats Like App is dedicated to offering the best development services for the food delivery business with their team of enthusiastic and adept professionals. What are you waiting for? Contact them to get your brand new app installed on iOS, Android and the web platforms. Kick-start your business with UberEats Like App and make us a part of your story.

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