Online delivery apps that provide doorstep delivery of food, groceries, alcohol, and other essential items have skyrocketed in the market now. It is set to reach $79,608 million in 2021. Platform-to-Consumer delivery businesses will cross a market volume of $96864 million by 2024 growing at a rate of 6.76% every year from 2021 to 2024.

Out of multiple on-demand delivery platforms, stands out as unique since it was an early player in the industry beginning its operations in 1995. Its platform has an enormous list of restaurants and grocery stores where orders can be done for free. It is currently utilized by 2 million users. 

Some must-have features in the Delivery App


  • Provision of rewards – Gifts and incentives motivate the users to continue using the delivery app. offers a certain number of Delivery points (20 for every $1) to the customers for all the purchases they make on the platform. It can be redeemed as gift cards.
  • Facilitate ordering for commercial offices – is a popular option for corporate companies as the platform allows both orderings as a group and ordering as an individual worker. 
  • An advanced search and filter option – Ensure that customers can easily find their desired products by entering the keyword, category, price, and size. Make sure the highly demanded items on the platform are displayed at the top to enable quick ordering by the users.
  • Access to order history – Reordering can be done in a fast manner by the users if they get access to their previous order history. This is helpful as they need not mention each product while adding it to their order cart.
  • The issue of instant push notifications – Information about the newest deals, offers, discounts, and order status can be easily sent to the customers via SMS or email so that they make the best decision.
  • Acceptance of numerous payment methods – Fund settlement becomes quick if the delivery app accepts different payment methods such as cash, debit cards, credit cards, net banking, e-wallets, and integration with well-known payment gateways like PayPal and Google Pay.  
  • The provision of 24×7 customer support – Round-the-clock technical support must be rendered through chat, email, and phone to ensure a high user retention rate. 
  • Live order tracking – This feature provides a lot of convenience as the users can track the movement of the delivery executive from the time he/she picks up the products from the restaurant or grocery store till they reach the customers’ location. 
  • A Rating and Review system – No delivery app can prosper in the market without an integrated feedback system. It allows customers to voice their opinion and viewpoints on the quality of the services availed on a scale of 1-5. Constructive suggestions can be taken into account by the delivery platform to enhance the overall performance. 
  • An integrated referral program – New users can be easily added to the Delivery app if the platform shares a referral code to the existing users. The unique link can be copied and sent by the customers to their family members, colleagues, and friends.

The crucial role of the Delivery executives in the Clone

  • View all the orders to be fulfilled via the order management dashboard and ensure timely delivery to the users’ doorstep.
  • Can switch on or off the availability toggle as per their requirements.
  • Interact with customers via the live chat facility to update them about the order status and share reasons in case there is a delay in delivery.
  • View the earnings history that contains details about the total orders completed and the total working hours.
  • The platform can provide certain benefits to the Delivery personnel such as life insurance, performance-based incentives, and weekly payout of commission.

Examining the rights and responsibilities of the admin in the Delivery app

  • Verify the documents of the delivery executives before onboarding them on the Delivery platform. 
  • Approve the profile of new users who have registered on the Delivery app.
  • Offer new discounts and manage promotional campaigns effectively.
  • Deal with customer complaints through the CRM dashboard and issues faced by delivery personnel.
  • Distribute the commission and bonuses on a timely basis to the bank accounts or digital wallets of the delivery executives. 

The various sources of revenue for the Clone


Commission – A specific percentage can be pocketed from the partner restaurants for every order processed by the users on the platform. This ensures a consistent inflow of revenue for the Delivery app.

Paid subscription plans – Premium users can be attracted through tailor-made subscription plans charged either monthly or yearly. It can include benefits like extra discounts and free home delivery of products.

Advertisements – Paid ads, sponsored posts, and banner advertisements can be placed on the delivery platform. This enhances the visibility of partner brands. The rates can be charged depending on the number of clicks, impressions, and total views. It helps in attracting a larger target audience and increases the return on investment.  Ads ensure that certain brands appear on the top of the customers’ listings when they search for a product on the platform. It must be allowed to book on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Final Thoughts

As seen above, on-demand delivery apps are trending in the market now.  Factors like an increase in the usage of smartphones, rapid penetration of the internet, changing lifestyle, urbanization, and a rise in the disposable income of the users have all contributed to its massive growth. Hence, kickstart the development of a top-notch clone and emerge as the leader in the industry soon. 

The future of retail is here in the form of Grocery apps. Procure a Clone to experience huge success in the industry instantly. 

Launch a state-of-the-art Clone soon

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