The Uber model has proved its worth despite swaying between ups and downs and that built-in blueprint for success has been replicated with the relatively young UberEats venture. UberEats was essentially born with the proverbial ‘silver spoon’ as it was ensured a soft landing on an army of experienced delivery partners who had their mapping sorted out as Uber drivers.

Thanks to the associated convenience and efficiency, UberEats has managed to seal a spot in the on-demand arena as a force to reckon with. Many startups are now following the footsteps of Uber with the Uber clone script in an attempt to replicate the favorable results. The applications for Uber is not limited to ride sharing or food delivery but also for on-demand mechanics, plumber, beauty services, courier, and pretty much every legal on-demand service that requires a driver. A well-rounded app based on the Uber model must include the following features if it must successfully compete in the current market.

  •   Access to Information

The users must be able to access information like restaurants, menus, ingredients, pricing, timings, locations etc. easily in order to be able to make better decisions.

  •    In-app Payment Gateways

Online payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe and many other online payment gateways can be integrated to facilitate easy transactions and makes your app customer-friendly.

  •    Live Geo-tracking

Popularised by Uber, the live geo-tracking feature enables users to track the status of their service on a map in real-time.

  •    God’s Eye View

Integrate advanced analytics and advanced reports to ‘See’ where the customers are, in real-time and target your services with the God’s Eye view. An essential feature for any on-demand app.

  •    Order Scheduling

The option of scheduling an order preserves the freedom of the user and allow them to plan their schedules. A small but effective feature in an app designed to deliver convenience.

  •    Referral/Promo Code

Boost your business and engage your customers with promo codes and referral marketing programs. It’s a win-win.

Fuelled by The best

Python/Django and Swift are popular and versatile programming languages which are in high demand among startups and other high-value companies. Django is a free and open-source framework written in Python which adheres to the model view template (MVT) and is a high-level general purpose programming language with immense potential. Swift is a powerful and secure programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux.

Build your own UberEats like app with Python/Django and Swift and get a headstart in the on-demand race. Get your app in any language and currency and get a scalable ready-to-use white-label app branded with your venture.

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