We live in a world where we have a hectic schedule with no time to eat or shop. Now all you have to do is to own a smartphone with a good internet connection and voila! You can do anything with the tips of your finger. With no schedule to eat or cook food, we have turned towards online on-demand services for food delivery such as UberEats, Postmates, Doordash, and many more, we are spoilt for choices to deliver our food or groceries.

What is Postmates?

Postmates is first and foremost a delivery service largely based in USA. They deliver anything from dishes to drinks from restaurants or cafes to the customers. They engage the customer, the vendor and the delivery person of any logistics to deliver the food or any other thing. It boasts of an intuitive user interface and easy to login feature.

Diving into its features we see that Postmates have shown astute knowledge of using Facebook for registration of new users as 56% of Americans use Facebook, thus saving many dollars on registration feature. It also uses Geolocation services to inform the customer of the package such as order processing, dispatch, route, time, etc. Another important feature is the payment transaction and loyalty system such as promo codes.

Checklist To Consider Before Developing Postmates Like App

Do you want to develop and maintain a delivery app like Postmates? Then you are reading the right blog. Before starting to develop a delivery app like Postmates, go through the following checklist to know more.

Establish contact and business with the local vendors who lack their own delivery services.

Research about the market that you need to service.

Jot down a full functionality services with the customization to be included in the app.

Hire a good developer team that uses MVP to cut down cost and time.

Choose different set of features for courier and customer app.

Cost To Develop Postmates Clone

Now that you have gone through the prerequisite given above, you are all set to develop an app like Postmates. For the courier app, the cost will be around $25,000-$35,000 and will take around 10-18 weeks of development. And the customer app will be roughly around $45,000-$60,000 with 16-28 weeks of development time. This cost is subject to vary with location, experience and skills. The following set shows the cost and the development time to create an app like Postmates.

The registration feature costs around $6,250 with up to 125 hours of development time.

The Geolocation services feature costs around $2,850 with up to 57 hours of development time.

The payment integration feature costs roughly around $5,000 with 100 hours of development time.

The discount feature costs $300 with 6 hours development time.

The additional features such as API sharing, costs $17,000 with 350 hours development time.

Is it really worth it?

After reading the figures you may wonder if it is really worth the time and cost. To answer you, the on-demand service is really in great demand and similar Postmates app can be created to serve the local customers and you along with the vendors could earn some big bucks. But starting the app from scratch could test our time, cost and patience. So to avoid starting from scratch, Postmates clone app can be used. Our customized clone app script can solve this impending problem. We can create Postmates like app within a certain time frame and give you seamless, optimum performance app that will enrapture your local market and customers alike. With our venture-in-a box solutions and various other new features that are designed to provide apps in both Android and iOS platforms.

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