The Covid 19 crisis made a massive impact on the restaurant industry. It all started with social distancing, and now it has ended up with contactless deliveries. The term contact delivery is a known theme, but what does this “Contactless dining” imply? Restaurants are trying their best to bring innovations to boost their business by giving utmost importance to customer’s choices. 

As the name suggests, Contactless dining minimizes human contact and makes it entirely digital for the users to order and pay for their food online. This concept of Contactless dining is spreading across the globe, and already most of the restaurant chains have adopted this way of operations. In this blog, let us evaluate the importance and various features of this contactless dining.

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What does this “Contactless dining” imply?

Contactless dining aims at minimizing the physical contact between the customers and the restaurant staff with digital points. This initiative is to avoid the risks of getting infected with any viruses. Already restaurants have adopted various tools to regulate their operations, and now adopting these digital tools for contactless deliveries will improve their business to many extents.

After the rise of Contactless delivery and contactless transactions, now it’s time for contactless dining through which the users can enjoy their dining without any human contacts. Now, let us explore how our contactless dining software works,

  • The dining tables will be a QR code, and the customers can scan these QR codes from their mobile phones. The scanning will take the customers to a page with a list of menus available.
  • The users can go through the digital menu and select the dishes which they wish to order.
  • Orders will be received and processed through the restaurant POS system. The orders will be directed to the kitchen for the staff to prepare the meal.
  • In the same way, after completing the food, the users can pay through digital wallets or online banking.

Benefits of adopting our restaurant management software for contactless dining? 

Reduce face-to-face contacts

Contactless dining helps the restaurant to minimize the chances of coming in direct face contact with the customers. The Covid 19 crisis has created a fear among us to face strangers as you will never know where they come from. In propagating Contactless dining, you can maintain a considerable distance with your customers. The customer can take care of everything from ordering to paying the bill. So there is no need for any staff to be present.

Improves the hygiene level 

With contactless dining, the customers need not touch any surfaces and minimize the risk of getting infections. The only thing that the customer has to touch is his/her mobile phone for ordering the food. 

Improves the accuracy of the orders

Generally, in a restaurant, people often move from one table to another. The staff will roam on the floors to take their orders and shout from their place to reach the kitchens. This will sometimes disturb the peace of mind of the customers. And also the staff get confused with this chaos. There is no need for the team to talk or roam around the dining area in Contactless dining. So, the orders will reach the kitchen at the perfect time and will accurately get the orders ready on time.

Provide user experience 

The restaurant management software runs with various technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The customers can view the menus and order them through their mobile phones. These technologies will analyze the data and information about the orders perceived by the customers. For example, by analyzing the frequently ordered food from the app, the digital menu card will suggest those items first. 

Why choose us for developing your restaurant management software?

UberEats LineApp is a pioneer in offering restaurant management software for restaurants to upgrade their standards and operations. Our Cutting – edge technology-driven software provides the following features to enhance your restaurant,

  • Our restaurant management software, integrated with POS, takes the orders directly from the digital menus. 
  • The software will give random numbers to the tables. So, when the orders are received, they will be indicated with the table number. The restaurant staff will deliver them the orders without any chaos.
  • The customers are free to order any number of dishes from their digital menus, and there will be no hindrance.
  • The restaurants can also change the orders according to the meal pattern, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • The customers can scan their QR codes through mobile phones and get their digital menu for ordering their meals.
  • By collecting the details of the customers, messages and emails will be sent to them regarding discounts and promotional offers. This will also improve customer loyalty.
  • Our Restaurant software provides more than one payment option for the customers to make their payments. 

On a concluding note, adopting restaurant software has become the need of the hour. Contactless dining is also reaching a great sphere in recent days owing to the Covid 19 crisis. At UberEatsLikeApp, we provide world-class services for our customers, and restaurant owners can purchase our restaurant software to enhance their business.


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