The advent of food delivery apps changed the whole dimensions of the food industry. Food delivery apps are the best aggregators for restaurants and hotels to speed up their sales. On-demand food delivery apps have become a dire need for people these days, and with just a few taps, the users could get their food items delivered to their destination without stepping out of their comfort. 

The success of food delivery apps has raised the nerve of many entrepreneurs to launch their food delivery apps in the market. Are you one of those entrepreneurs with a vision for your food delivery business? Then, this blog will help you with providing the best insights about developing an UberEats clone app. 

UberEats – The leading food delivery app

Uber is the pioneer of on-demand delivery apps that made its entry in 2009. Initially, it started its service as a taxi booking app and later on in 2014; it launched its food delivery app in the market. According to the statistics report, UberEats have generated a revenue of $4.8 billion. The app has gained gross bookings worth $30.2 billion in 2020. 

UberEats have garnered around 66 million users globally, and currently, it is operated in 6000 cities globally. Total restaurants that have connected themselves with UberEats account for more than 600,000 restaurants globally. 

Start utilizing the Food Delivery App 

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The business model of the UberEats app 

When it comes to food delivery apps, there are different types of business models. They are 

  • Order only model
  • Order and delivery model
  • Cloud kitchen model 

UberEats follows dual services as it acts both as an aggregator and delivery agent. 

  • UberEats as an aggregator 

UberEats is an aggregator platform that helps restaurants boost their sales by undertaking orders through the app. Among these models, UberEats follows an ‘order and delivery model’ where restaurants will undertake their orders through the app. Restaurants will develop tie-ups with UberEats and take orders through them. The restaurants will pay commission charges to the app for each order it takes through the app.

  • UberEats as a delivery agent 

UberEats has its delivery network where it hires delivery agents who will pick orders from the restaurants and deliver them to the customers. UberEats receives delivery charges from the customers who place orders through the app. 

How can you start your food delivery business with an UberEats clone app? 

Developing an app involves too many complexities, and you need a good team of developers to support you in this process. The UberEats clone is the widely adopted model by entrepreneurs globally. The UberEats clone will replicate the functionalities and features of the former model. At the initial stages of a business, entrepreneurs prefer to go with such cloned apps as they will follow the business model of any specific application.

At UberEats like app, we offer a white-labelled UberEats clone app that is open for your customization. With our ready-to-launch UberEats clone app, you can aim for a quick launch in the market. The list of features that comes with our UberEats clone is,

Noble features of our UberEats clone 

Swift registration 

Our UberEats clone follows a simple registration process for the users to sign in quickly with our app. They can register with their email address, phone number and also with their social media account. 

Browse the restaurants 

The advanced search option of our app enables users to search their restaurants and food items swiftly. The users can also search the restaurants according to the location, cost and various other parameters.

Real-time tracking 

This is one of the much-demanded features of the app, where the users can track their orders in real-time. This will help them to stay updated with their order and its delivery status. 

Multiple payment options 

The UberEats clone app provides more than one payment option for users. The users can select from any of their feasible options to pay for their orders. They can choose between COD, credit/debit cards, net banking and mobile wallets. 


This feature is especially for those users who wish to repeat their orders from the last time. By just clicking the reorder button, they can place their order. Instead of browsing through the app and selecting the food, they can order through this feature. 


This is one of the essential features that cannot be missed out on in an app. The UberEats clone will send notifications and updates to the users through SMS regarding their orders and alert messages. 

What is the total cost of developing an UberEats clone app?

The cost of developing apps cannot be fixed and predetermined. For example, to build your UberEats clone app, there are several complexities involved. The cost of an app solely depends on the level of your customization, features and functionalities you opt for. The more advanced features, the more will be the cost. Apart from this, you will be paying the developers on an hourly basis for developing the price.

We will calculate all these factors and fix the cost of your app. So, these are major determining factors that decide the price of your UberEats clone. 

Wrapping up,

Food delivery apps are in peak demand among both the common public and restaurants. They are also a good profiting business for you. Why wait? Please hurry up and schedule your appointment with us to discuss further.

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