Why is an UberEats Clone the Best Choice for Entrepreneurs?

If you are a business person willing to harness this ceaselessly profitable vertical, i.e., online food delivery,
our UberEats clone should be your staple tool. Why so? Take a peek!

End-to-End Customizable
End-to-End Customizable
Recreate the UberEats clone at its totality in accordance with your requirements and expectations.
Rebrand the food delivery solution with your business identity elements like logo and brand name.
Native Android & iOS Apps
Experience pronounced performance with our UberEats clone native iOS and Android iterations.
Highly Scalable
Powerful enough to handle millions of concurrent users and transactions without any hassle.
Proven Track Record
Proven Track Record
Devised for exponential growth that’ll assort you into the league of global food delivery giants.
Open to Innovation
Open to Innovation
Rewire even the minutest of the features and utility of the UberEats clone with unwavering ease.
Easy to Manage
Easy to Manage
Girded with the admin panel, the control of the whole spectrum of operations is at your fingertips.
Instant Updates
Instant Updates
Stay relevant to the changing technology and market needs with periodic updates and upgrades.

Launch an UberEats Clone With UberEatsLikeApp.com

When it comes to foraying into a highly-competitive industry such as the online food delivery sector, it's imperative that an entrepreneur needs to ramp up his/her arsenal only with the best solution available. UberEatsLikeApp.com's UberEats clone is a marriage between world-class features and sturdy functionality that enables a customer to search, browse, order, and get the taste-bud smacking food delivered to their doorstep.

Plunge into the market straightway with our leading-edge, white-label UberEats clone that streamlines the food delivery process with flair. Extensively customizable and exceptionally reliable. With exclusive apps and panels for customers, restaurants, delivery executives, and the admin, the food ordering experience has never been this delightful.

How Does our Food Delivery App Solution Work?


Headlining Features of our UberEats Clone

Contactless Delivery
Seal out even the minutest probability of contraction of the dreaded virus with the ability to get the food items delivered at a predetermined sanitized spot that’s devoid of any contact.
Multilingual Support
Leverage a global user base by proffering the online food ordering system’s services in the world’s most popular languages. A genuinely global solution that’s concurrently local!
Real-Time Tracking
Infuse an undertone of convenience by entitling your customers to receive live location updates of the delivery executive transmitting their orders besides the order processing status.
Trailblazing Search Bar
Steer forward through an ocean of similar food items, restaurants, and food joints with an advanced search bar imbued with powerful sorting and filtering capabilities.
Availability Toggle
Within a few taps, the restaurant and delivery executives can flag their readiness to accept/ reject a particular order or for the entire day to the admin.
Swift Registration
Let your users storm instantly into the online food delivery platform by entering their phone number, email address, or social media credentials.
Reviews and Ratings
Reviews and Ratings
Entitle your customers to pour their hearts out about a specific food item or the service of your online food delivery platform on the whole through ratings and reviews.
Multiple Payment Options
Flood your customers with the liberty to make payments from a diverse range of sources extending from credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, and even an exclusive electronic wallet.
Push Notifications
Supersize your business traction by consistently showering updates of the latest offers, exclusive discounts, new additions, etc., through text message, email, or in-app push notifications.
Digital Invoice
When a successful delivery is made, the customer and the respective restaurant manager are conferred with a total invoice with precise tax breakdown details.

Our UberEats Clone App Package

Having deduced the online food ordering sector's nitty-gritty, we have masterfully forged a dazzling package for the UberEats clone, which quenches the whole spectrum of needs and requirements of the stakeholders. From facilitating the customers to place the order in a flash to drenching the admins with crucial performance insights, the package is wholesome in every sense of the word. The following modules are included:

  • Customer iOS and Android App that's meticulously responsive and delivers a terrific food ordering experience.
  • Delivery executive iOS and Android apps loaded with cracking features that propel the efficiency into unforeseen levels.
  • An exclusive panel for restaurants that arms the managers with a bird's eye view over the all-important order figures such as to receive orders, processed orders, etc.
  • The master admin panel monitors the entire spectrum of business proceedings of the online food delivery platform, all at a unified interface.

Revenue Streams of Our UberEats Clone

Multiple infusions of income. One application.

Commission Fee
Arguably, the most consistent revenue model. Here, business owners can inflict a handsome charge as a commission fee for every successful order placed over the food delivery platform.
In-App Promotions
Structure a healthy competitive spirit by displaying specific products or restaurants on the home page. An intuitive bidding system modeled on Google Ads can be integrated.
Delivery Charges
Competently complementing the commission fee, a substantial delivery charge can be imposed on the customers to get their favorite food delivered.
Third-Party Advertisements
The food delivery platform is devised to experience massive traffic, which makes it a favorite amongst third-parties to display their advertisements on your site’s banners for a remarkable charge.

Features of Our On-Demand Food Delivery Script

Superfast Registration
Empower your users to storm into the platform without any hesitation through their phone number, email address, or social media credentials.
Schedule Delivery
Suffuse an undercurrent of consistency as customers can willingly schedule their orders based on their convenience. This way, they need not order again from the beginning every time.
Order History
Suffuse an undercurrent of consistency as customers can willingly schedule their orders based on their convenience. This way, they need not order again from the beginning every time.
Browse Restaurants
Girded with a sensational search bar functionality laden with filtering elements, customers instantly nail down on a specific food item they are looking for sans delay.
Live Tracking
Customers are able to vehemently trail out their orders through the intuitive GPS integration that provides real-time location updates of the assigned delivery executive.
Offers/ Discounts
Customers are accredited to avail of the diverse spectrum of offers, deals, exclusive discounts, etc., proffered by the restaurants and the admin.
Search by Categories
Customers are able to scroll through the restaurants based on a range of attributes, including location, cuisine, availability, price, customization, etc.
Reordering becomes a child’s play as customers can readily save a specific food item or restaurant as favorites and purchase it at a later date.
Referral Bonus
For every successful referral of their friends, family, and acquaintances, customers are bestowed with redeemable reward points that’ll exert a price cut on their future orders.
Prompt Onboarding
Delivery executives can kick start their activities by registering an account on the platform through their smart credentials.
Accept/ Reject Delivery
Accept/ Reject Delivery
Delivery executives are entitled to flag their readiness to accept or reject any of the assigned delivery requests based on their convenience.
Call/ Chat with Customers
Call/ Chat with Customers
To accelerate the delivery time, the executives can directly place a call with the customers and receive specific landmarks about the delivery location.
Push Notifications
Push Notifications
When a customer orders a food item, the delivery executive is notified instantly through in-app push notifications that provide the location and order details.
Multiple Delivery Requests
Multiple Delivery Requests
Superior operation efficiency can be exhibited by the delivery executive as they can receive numerous delivery requests that are peppered near a particular location.
Delivery Planner
Delivery Planner
Delivery executives are armed with an automated delivery planner system that proficiently prioritizes delivery requests based on demand and a variety of allied elements.
Route Optimization
In the view of facilitating lightning-fast deliveries, the executives are proffered with only the most optimized routes to a specific location that’s devoid of any traffic or blockages.
Earning Management
Earning Management
Delivery executives can assess their performance through consolidated reports depicting their revenue daily/ weekly/monthly.
Order List
The directory of every single order assigned to the delivery executive is available along with the delivery details and transactional details in the case of the cash-on-delivery option.
Profile Management
The restaurant managers are concorded to upload and update critical profile information such as restaurant address, contact details, chief offerings, timings, etc.
Payment Management
Restaurant managers can attentively sort through the revenue details such as total payment received, their source, the respective invoices, the profitability rate, and much more.
Pricing Management
Restaurant managers are authorized to rewire the individual food items' pricing schemes and plans pertaining to the market conditions and environment.
Resolve Customer Queries
The various assortment of questions raised by the customers can be answered right away by the restaurant managers, increasing user trust.
Menu Management
Any food item, along with its pricing, can be added/ removed/ modified by the restaurant managers based on their availability, customer patronage, and market considerations.
Order Alerts
An army of notifications crashes into the restaurant panel whenever a customer places an order through the online food delivery platform.
Food Customizations
With the intention of aggrandizing the customer engagement rate, restaurants can accept food customizations and suggestions through in-app chat and calling features.
Order Management
The whole gamut of operational order figures, such as the number of orders received, processed, dispatched, canceled, etc., are displayed with immersive clarity.
Inventory management
Cart abandonment rates can be plummeted as the restaurant managers can update the availability of food items at a stroke.
Order Reports
Restaurant managers can track the order fulfillment ability of their offering by going through the number of orders dispatched on a weekly/ monthly/ yearly basis.
Master Dashboard
With a wall-to-wall view over the entire proceedings of the food delivery platform, the admins can indulge in seamless management.
Delivery Executive Management
Admins are responsible for recruiting, verifying, and onboarding the legion of delivery executives required to facilitate the hassle-free execution of the food delivery system.
Track Delivery
For the purpose of updating the customers with real-time location status, admins can dynamically track the delivery executives through GPS integration.
Customer Management
Admins are authenticated to access the comprehensive suite of customer data, including the contact details, and export it for quality assessment.
Commission Management
Based on the prevailing market conditions and industry practices, admins can alter the commission structure at their convenience and discretion.
Support Center
Admins can offer unwavering support to the whole range of stakeholders, including customers, restaurant managers, and delivery drivers, through around-the-clock telephonic assistance.
Restaurant Management
The expanding assortment of details and information of the restaurants registered with the platform is available to the admin.
Finance Management
Admins are recognized to retrieve the transactional information such as total earnings, total profits and compare them on a range of possible business parameters.
Advanced Analytics
All-important insights assorted from reports concerning customer activity, engagement pattern, order status, financial performance, etc., are available to the admin.

The Trusted Name in UberEats Clone Development

Customer satisfaction is the foremost concern, and the following stands testament to it.

Delivery Charges
Competently complementing the commission fee, a substantial delivery charge can be imposed on the customers to get their favorite food delivered.
Commission Fee
Arguably, the most consistent revenue model. Here, business owners can inflict a handsome charge as a commission fee for every successful order placed over the food delivery platform.
In-App Promotions
Structure a healthy competitive spirit by displaying specific products or restaurants on the home page. An intuitive bidding system modeled on Google Ads can be integrated.

A Look into our UberEats Clone App Solution

User App Screens

Delivery Person Screens

Admin Screens

Web Panel Demo

Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

User Name : admin@demo.com
Password : 123456

App Demo

Paid Features


Smart Curation And Specialisation
Application of machine learning helps the app in learning customer preferences based on past orders and current information. A suggestion carousel uses this to bring up restaurant suggestions to make the food ordering experience easier.
Subscription And Lunch Plan Option
A feature missing in major food delivery apps. Subscription and lunch plan options lets your users subscribe to a plan that delivers meals to them at a specified time everyday. The benefits include discounts, faster delivery, saved time and no questions asked.
Multiple Restaurant Order
Some people may want to order different cuisines from different restaurants within a single delivery. Make it possible with this feature that allows orders from multiple restaurants within a fixed distance and get it delivered to the same address in a single delivery.
Referral System
Your users are your best advertisers. Give them a reason and incentive to promote your brand with a referral program. A banner/pop up will effectively inform them of an ongoing referral program. They get discounts and you get more users, which translates to higher revenue. It’s a win-win for all.
Net Banking And Online Wallets
Give your users the comfort of paying with a click. The introduction of online wallets and net banking have made fund transfers easier, with more people choosing to pay digitally. Keep up with the trend by being compatible to online payments.
Discover Tile
Help out users new to a location by going that extra mile. The ‘Discover tile’ as the name suggests, helps the user discover helpful options around their locations like: Superfast delivery ,Offers near you, Vegetarian only, Pocket friendly, Trending now, What’s new.
Bulk Booking
Apart from very hungry individuals, this feature is useful for users throwing parties or meetings. The bulk booking option allows users to place bulk orders with restaurants open to bulk bookings and undertakes door delivery for the same.
User Preference Filter
This feature allows the user to filter search results of restaurants,based on personal needs & preferences. It includes options like:Relevance-Filters relevant cuisines Cost for two-Filters different approximate costs for two Delivery time-Filters according to time taken for delivery Rating-Filters according to restaurant ratings.
Customized Delivery Or Drop -Off
Hunger may strike anywhere. Allow your users the luxury of getting the food delivered at any customised location like parks, hospitals or malls with the customized delivery or drop off feature.
Time Based Availability Of Restaurant
Timing is everything. Integrate time based system into the restaurant panels to keep your users informed about the their operation timings. Restaurants past their serving timings will be grayed out in the search results.
Time Based Course Meal
Make your app smarter by integrating a time based system that automatically detects the time and shows a list of restaurants relevant to the meal time, be it breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Find waffle houses when you need them.

Delivery Executive

Surge Pricing
Delivery is affected by many factors like weather, festivals, demand and time of the day. The surge pricing system does justice to the delivery system by allowing a higher charge during such situations.
Guided Delivery
Within this feature, the Foodie delivery partner app gathers intricate pick-up information for the most difficult-to-navigate restaurants and shares it with delivery partners that makes future deliveries easier.
Cancel Booking Penalty
What happens when somebody cancels a large order? Somebody has to bear the cost. Avoid such surprises with the cancel booking penalty feature which levies a charge when a user cancels the order post 10 minutes of placing the order.
Multiple Order Management
Allows the delivery personnel to accept multiple orders, plan the route and delivery timings and get more done within a window of time.
Online Document Upload & Verification
Avoid cumbersome offline verification procedures and save time with this feature by having your delivery team upload their documents to the app from where you can access them and complete the verification.
Rewards And Recognition
Use this feature to develop healthy competition within the delivery team and recognise and reward performance to drive them towards their best.

Our UberEats Clone Script is Compatible with Various Delivery Businesses

Flaunting a world-beating delivery functionality, the online food delivery solution can be tweaked to resonate with the nuances of a broad spectrum of on-demand business models.

Grocery Delivery
Pharmacy Delivery
Bakery Delivery
Flower Delivery
Alcohol Delivery
Bottled Water Delivery
Medical Marijuana Delivery
Weed Delivery

Our Food Delivery App Development Process

Business isn't a playfield, and entrepreneurs worldwide know this perfectly. This is one of the prime reasons why they line up to prefer our UberEats clone, as it is the perfect blend of futuristic features and explosive functionality, the staple attributes of a world-class food ordering system. This is made possible by a holistic approach to our app development process that establishes our solution's ingenuity and ramps up your arsenal with the best food delivery script one can get in the market. Our ingrained development process involves

  • A strenuous analysis of your extended sense of requirements, expectations, add-ons, and comprehensive app vision.
  • Conceiving, wireframing, designing, and developing exclusive applications and web panels for customers, restaurant managers, delivery executives, and business owners.
  • Testing under the most stringent and industrially-accepted quality assessment standards to remove bugs and glitches, if any.
  • Installation and deployment of the app on multiple platforms and servers upon your wholehearted approval.
  • Systematic maintenance and periodical updates based on your requirements.

Why Choose UberEatsLikeApp?

Order at Blink of an Eye
Within a few taps, customers can order, pay, and get their favorite food items delivered to their doorstep. Astonishingly agile!
Become the Go-to Brand
Design, devise, and execute spectacular promotional campaigns and coupon maneuvers that express your brand values and vision.
Muster Accurate Deliveries
Decide and define the working hours, menu, offering, availability of the food items in the platform. Route optimization and GPS integration banish out existing inefficiencies.
Process Orders in a Jiffy
Live tracking and real-time updates make order processing and delivery process a breezy affair. Accept orders through SMS/GPRS without a second thought.
Tap a Massive User Base
Furnished with the ability to receive orders from both online (mobile/ web application) and offline (SMS & phone call) mediums.
Extend Your Offerings
Move beyond the online ordering operation by enabling the takeaway feature with proper directional guidelines leading to the restaurants.
Get Paid Instantly
When a customer pays through any of the available payment options, your commission is transferred to the bank account right away.
Manage Food Chains
Converge the best of multiple food joints in a single, integrated food portal that opens the floodgates of unexplored markets and customer groups

Pricing Plan For Online Food Ordering Script

  • Compatible with Multiple Domain/ Server with Android App
Professional Plus
  • Compatible with Multiple Domain/ Server with iOS App
Enterprise (Most Popular)
  • Compatible with Multiple Domain/ Server with iOS & Android App

Tech Stack


What are the server requirements for the UberEats Clone script?

  • Operating System – Linux

  • Web Server – Apache

  • PHP – 7.1

  • Database – MySQL

Cron Jobs Setup Ability

Can a user track their order in real-time?

As our white-lable food delivery solution is embedded with GPS functionality, users can readily track their orders in the app.

How do users pay for their orders?

Our online food delivery solution features a range of payment options, such as credit/debit cards, eWallets, net banking, UPI, and conventional cash-on-delivery.

Do users, restaurants, and delivery executives have a separate login?

Yes, our UberEats Clone mandates separate yet seamless login for users, restaurants, and delivery executives.

How does a user rate the delivery service?

A user can willingly rate a specific food item/restaurant or the service of your online food delivery system as well through the exclusive ratings and review field.

Can a restaurant track the movement of the assigned delivery executive?

Restaurants have access to the real-time tracking feature of a delivery executive’s location, aiding in its preparation and processing of ordered items.

Can I add a promo/coupon code?

Yes, our UberEats clone allows you to provide discounts through integrating various promo and coupon codes.

What is the stipulated delivery date of my project?

Delivery time depends on a diverse range of factors, ranging from features required, add-ons requested, functionality of the app etc. Still, we always make sure that the app is delivered on or before the mutually agreed deadline.

How can I track the progress of my project?

At Appdupe, we assign a dedicated project manager for your UberEats Clone development who provides you with periodic updates of the progress, besides providing wholesome support all throughout the process.

Is the AGILE methodology employed in the development of the UberEatsClone?

Yes, we always employ the best practices assorted in the AGILE methodologies pertaining to the project size, scope, and time.

Request for Pricing

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